S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Pins Down Release Date

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. provides a dynamic gameplay of fast and tough combats, where you oppose smart & dangerous enemies, a large set of diverse weaponry, possibility to control machinery, detailed and interactive game world, story-driven single player with original team gameplay, and multiplayer with numerous modes. A THQ release schedule reveals that STALKER, 5 years after its announcement, will launch March 16, 2007.

News source: Worth Playing
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yes! back when they first started talking about this, it sounds awesome... i had forgotten about it until now...

Finally. Have been waiting now for a long time to see this. :-D

I pretyy much don't care which DX engine it will run on, as long as it is game with a good feeling, good story, interestind and rather dangerous environments and runs smooth. :-D

I've known it was March for a little bit of time now (well, since the last 2 trailers that is). Just didn't know the precise day of the month.

Only the Dx8 engine is a five your old engine. The Dx9 will take a substantial bit more to run...which we won't really know until either release or GSC/THQ release some official requirements.

maybe they should change the name of the site to www.shadowofchernobyl.com because www.stalker-game.com sounds like a training site for paparazzi or something... :P

I hope this game is fun. I want to see a game that doesn't require an ultra modern machine to play and still have good gameplay. Looking forward to checking this out.

About time! It's a shame it's suffered graphically compared to other games, but here's to hoping that it'll be so killer the graphics mean nothing!