Staples offers $75 off any Windows product, including Surface

Technically, Microsoft has yet to offer a price cut for its lineup of Surface tablets, although it is now offering a way for people to buy the 64 GB Surface RT without the Touch Cover that cuts its price down to $599. Now, U.S. residents have a chance to cut the price of any Windows 8 or RT product down by $75, which includes the Surface tablets.

Slickdeals has revealed that the Staples retail stores has a coupon that can be used to get the quick discount. In fact there are two coupon codes; one for people who go into Staples retail stores in the old fashioned way and the other where you can use the code on

The catch? You have just a limited time to use the coupon codes as they are set to expire on Thursday (yes, Valentine's Day).

At the moment, the website shows that it has all of the Surface RT tablets available for shipment, which means you can get the 32 GB version for $424 and the 64 GB version for $524. The site also has the 64 GB version of the new Surface Pro tablet in stock, and the code will cut the price down to $824. Unfortunately, the 128 GB Surface Pro is still out of stock and has been since shortly after the tablet launched on Saturday.

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Staples always has amazing deals and coupons, where other retailers wont dare to discount. So I wouldnt read into it that far as to say that this is definitive proof that windows 8 is doing badly.

although, I can tell from the people I've interacted with, people hate windows 8.

what is bigger news, is that a coupon made neowin front page.

Not a bad deal - a few weeks ago, I got an Asus Vivobook S200E - Core i3 3317U, 4GB of RAM, 11.6" Touchscreen at 1366x768, 500 GB HDD (which I swapped out for a Samsung 840 Pro 128GB) for $349, and this laptop absolutely flies! Staples has decent deals - My roommate got a laptop from there a few weeks ago also, for $379 with Core i3, 4GB RAM, 14" screen, and 320GB HDD.