Star Trek: Legacy Shipping Out

Thanks to Bluesnews for the scoop.

Bethesda announced late yesterday that the highly anticipated RTS/Action fanboy-fest Star Trek: Legacy has been shipped out to stores in North America. The Xbox 360 version will ship out sometime next week as well.
For those who may not remember, Legacy is a RTS/Action game set in the Star Trek universe (duh) and features the voices of all five of the "Captains of Trek" including Patrick Stewart, Kate Mulgrew, William Shatner, Scott Bakula and last but certainly not least my hero and favorite Captain, Avery Brooks.

The game spans the entire Trek timeline pretty much, offers single and multiplayer action. The game has over 40 ships to choose from, you can play as the Federation, Klingons, Romulans or the ever popular Borg! Super spiffy graphics, terrific looking damage modeling and special effects for weapons, and a storyline written by longtime Star Trek veteran DC Fontana round out the package.

So check out what is sure to be a Star Trek fans perfect game, and make sure to set phasers to kill. Fire quantum torpedoes!

Link: Star Trek Homepage @ Bethesda
Link: Star Trek Legacy Features & Overview

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First review in at IGN - 5.9 Mediocre

Ah well at least it's only the second worst game they've had this month next to happy feet...

not quite what i was looking for sfc wise, although it does inherit somethings.

controls are a little awkward to get into and remain so even after they've been mastered. not sure i'm a big fan of the use of the mouse and having to rotate around my ship.

energy management seems useless, and repairing your fleet mid battle is a chore, since individual captains under your command won't do it themselves. ai also suffers in that there is no formation command, and ships won't follow your main unless ordered to on the tactical map or pointed to with the "f" key thingy.

otherwise, the game is fun, story is great and so far a nice change from previous trek games. losing a ship will cause a restart as early as late tos/tmp era missions, and the missions are reasonably difficult at captain difficulty.

graphics wise, with the exception of awful looking cloud effects at long range and lo rez skymap, the game is stunning to look at, on a high end system, with all settings maxxed out.

lack of a metaverse type campaign for single player or mp gives the game a short lifespan on even the most hardcore trek fan's hd, as mp seems to be just a skirmish type game. nice in itself for a few friends to play over a lan, but not very appealing to me to play online against strangers with.

overall a good fun game, with some minor issues that can be fixed with patches and content updates, if bethesda and paramount actually do decide to support the game in the coming months.

my basic system specs for comparison:
Athlon 64 X2 3800+ 2.0 GHz
ati x1900 xtx
1.5gb ram ddr2 3200
sata 250 gb hd

It seems more like Bridge Commander mixed in with Klingon Academy, in terms of gameplay.
Although I'm only 3 hours into it. None the less the last time I played a good Trek game was STV:EF.

i got it on pre-order at for £17.99 instead of its normal price is 29.99 now all i gotta do is wait for it to arrive which will be a few weeks

Been put back to the 22nd in the UK, can check some reviews before it's out.


And the reviews say it's rubbish!

Getting about 3 out of 10 by people who've got it on Gamespot and slated on the Star Trek Legacy forums, such a shame :-(

Content-wise it sounds pretty good, but what's there for the player beyond the campaign? I saw something about multiplayer, but not much. Is it BF 1942 / SW Battlefront style where you are reinforced and battle for dominance of a map? Something else? This was all I found on it on the official site: "The robust Multiplayer mode will include full Xbox Live Support and a wide variety of game modes. Everything from simple skirmishes to epic battles involving multiple star systems". Hmm, with multiplayer usually being more important than single player, I was surprised by the lack of focus on the features. But the little that's said about it sounds a bit intriguing. Skirmishes can get boring, but their multiplayer star system battles was a bit interesting.

I still haven't read any Neowin reviews of it. I'd buy the PC version, but I don't want to waste my money on another ST game if it's crap.

question is did they take it back to the goodness of play in sfc2 or stick with the awful tractor and cap of sfc3?

imo i want an sfc that has the warp with the importance of shield position power management of the older minus the missiles and plasma weapons(at least on fed ships).

having all 4 eras rocks some serious box tho tbh!

All they did is rehash the StarFleet Command series. Better graphics but what about multiplayer online?? SFC had it free with the old MPlayer. The StarFleet Tactical Assult looks like garbage.