'Star Wars Kid' Gets Bucks From Blogs

A couple of webloggers are raising money for an unfortunate teenager humiliated worldwide after a private video of his energetic lightsaber moves was leaked to the Net.

Webloggers Andy Baio and Jish Mukerji launched a fundraiser Friday for the young man they call the "Star Wars Kid," whose home video has been downloaded millions of times and watched by people all over the world.

The video shows a lone, overweight teenager fighting a mock battle with a broomstick lightsaber. In the two-minute video, the teenager twirls the broomstick ever more energetically while generating his own lightsaber sound effects. The video, which is obviously not for public consumption, is amusing and excruciating.

Baio and Mukerji, who linked to their video from their weblogs, identify the Star Wars Kid as a 15-year-old French Canadian named Ghyslain. Because Ghyslain is a minor, the pair is protecting his identity. Ghyslain couldn't be reached for comment.

By Friday afternoon, the webloggers' fund had received more than 100 individual donations totaling nearly $1,000. The pair also has received donations of software and a T-shirt. They plan to buy Ghyslain an Apple iPod and some accessories.

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Video: Star Wars Kid Movies

News source: wired.com

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it was leaked to the web by kids trying ot make an ass out of him. he never intended for it to be put out and have millions of people laughing at him. i'm sure you guys have all been in spots where you've been ultra embarassed by a few people, never mind millions.

I must admit I feel sorry for this kid a little bit, but the remix is just so funny. Funny thing is my friend and I experimented with the lightsaber technique a few years back. All I can say about that experiment is that PVC pipes sure do break easy. In answer to NeoMayhems question the technique to do the Star Wars lightsaber effect is called [U]rotoscoping[/U]. Here is a link for anyone else who wants to learn about it [URL=http://www.alienryderflex.com/rotoscope/]click here[/URL].