Star Wars The Old Republic to add more free-to-play options [Update]

Star Wars The Old Republic has not been the massive success that developer BioWare and publishers Electronic Arts and LucasArts had thought it would be. Launched in December 2011 after years of hype, the MMO game has seen its paid subscriber base shrink drastically. BioWare has already laid off a number of the game's staff members, and earlier this month launched a free trial version that let players check the game out to level 15.

Today, BioWare and EA have announced further changes to try to bring in more players for The Old Republic. In a press release, they stated that later this fall, the game will be made available for free up to level 50 with some restrictions in terms of accessing new content and advanced character abilities.

The game will still have a monthly subscription option, which will give The Old Republic players access to all of the game's content, as well as a monthly amount of Cartel Coins, the game's new in-game currency that will again be offered later this year. In August, EA will reduce the price of The Old Republic's retail version down to just $14.99, with one free month of subscription play. More info on the game's free-to-play plans can be read at The Old Republic website.

Update: EA has just admitted in its quarterly financial report that Star Wars The Old Republic now has less than one million subscribers.

Source: Star Wars The Old Republic website | Image via BioWare/EA

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I said it when i was on the beta runs. This game will be f2p by end of the year. Everyone called me a troll and said i was just being dumb. I at least gave it till the end of the year not this soon lol

What killed it was the devs listening to the qqers and them gutting the crafting system. Its a shame end game crafted gear just isnt worth a damn.

What killed it was trying to please everyone at once. Without the enormous coffers like Blizzard has, it's impossible to keep up with players' demands. Granted, they had a huge budget to work with, but it obviously wasn't spent on the important stuff.

Like Anakin becoming Darth Vader it is just refusing to die and is being twisted to the Emperors will (EA)

Such a shame as I had been enjoying the game (even though slowly dieing) but this will finally ruin it, it may stay running for a while yet but if I were to write the headstone it would say:
RIP SWTOR - Q2 2013
You were loved by many, but born to the wrong parents.

AoC isn't SF-based. SF-based MMOs have *always* faced a much harder slog than fantasy-based MMOs (including AoC and even LOTRO - or are you implying that LOTRO was also better than SWTOR?) Worse, SF-based MMOs (especially MMOs based on a popular property) have the hardest slog of all - as everyone wants to be the hero (or the villain).