Starcraft 3 Trilogy Decision not Money Related

Well according to the Blizzard COO it isn't. Ever since Blizzard announced that Starcraft 3 was going to be a trilogy, the gaming community cried foul and said they are just milking their franchise. Some even went on and blamed the recent merger between Activision and Blizzard saying that the evil people at Activision are behind the decision.

In an interview with Paul Sams, the COO of the company, came out and said that "The fact of the matter is, it's absolutely, positively untrue about us trying to stretch it out and milk it. People think that it was a monetary driven decision. I can absolutely, positively tell you, with 100 per cent certainty, that that was not part of the conversation. I guarantee it. I give my word. There was never, ever a conversation where we said, 'let's do this because we're going to make more money'. I guarantee it. As a matter of fact the sole reason we did it was because we thought it was going to be a better experience. Anybody that says otherwise is not correct. It is absolutely not what we did it for."

Even so, it's hard to deny that Activison and Blizzard wallet's are going to benefit tremendously from this decision. He even went on and said that it was a "quality driven decision". Even though he has come out and defended this decision on behalf of his company, it is doubtful the gaming community will take this to heart.

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Here's what I would expect:

  • Starcraft 2 with the Regular Game and Terran Campaign: $60
  • Starcraft 2 with the Protoss Campaign: $40
  • Starcraft 2 with the Zerg Campaign: $40

It's good that people bring up this "Blizz is in it for the money" issue, because it keeps them on guard now that Activision is part of them. I don't want Blizzard to become like EA Games.

The trilogy decision is acceptable because I saw the complexity of the campaigns, it's like KOTOR (3D RPG in space) combined with Star Control 3 (navigate star systems) just for the Terran campaign alone.

I do believe the Blizzard is in it for the quality, not mainly profitability. It's ok for Blizzard to release Starcraft 2 in 3 High Quality pieces than 1 Just-OK piece.

They're all going to be their own games. It won't limit you to anything other than the campaign. In that respect, people can pick up whichever they want.

Now, the only part we'll really have to see is how long these games turn out to be.

Any company that publicy states, "There was never, ever a conversation where we said, 'let's do this because we're going to make more money'" is full of sh*t. Every company is in it for the money.

I was thinking about getting this game, but if it costs $60 x 3 to get all of the campaigns I will just sit this one out.

ill sit here and wait to see the final price tag before i start yelling.

the average game is $60, so $20 per isnt bad, but if they're aiming for $30+ per game........

It really depends on wether they are releasing 3 games 1/3 the size of a normal game or if they are releasing 3 games the full size of a normal game.

If the later is the case, crying about this is the same as crying that The Lord of the Rings trilogy was just a big milking operation, they could have just told the whole story in one movie. They only split it in 3 to make tripple the money.
Yeah, stupid argument.

1 - Wait for facts
2 - ...
3 - Profit.