StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm beta to start "soon"

Are you a StarCraft II player? If so, have you been waiting patiently for the developer to release the first expansion pack for the hit RTS game, the Zerg-themed Heart of the Swarm? Then you might want to get yourself ready as Blizzard is sending out an early alert for people who want to beta test the expansion.

In a post on the game's official website, Blizzard said today, "We are preparing to invite testers for the Heart of the Swarm beta very soon!" That's usually code for, "We could start it at any time." If you want to be considered for the multiplayer beta test, you should sign onto your account and then click on the "Beta Profile Settings" in the Account Management section.

Blizzard has said that the first group of beta testers will be small, "including many players who assisted us in testing Patch 1.5, as well as some pro-gamers and press." However, it will be adding more beta testers for Heart of the Swarm in the weeks and months ahead and Blizzard will also be giving away beta test keys via gaming websites.

Recently, StarCraft II's lead designer Dustin Browder said that Heart of the Swarm was "99% done" but added that it will still take the team a while to polish and test the expansion pack before it is officially released.

Source: StarCraft II website

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This long after the original it wouldnt surprise me if they charged full retail for the next one. Wonder how dated this game will look in 2014 when we get the final instalment

I can't wait for this; the new units look amazing.

But yah, it is pretty lame how there was a full 2 years between releases, and its still more than $20. :{ I'm just glad they aren't trying to charge us a full $60 (yet)

They've said they aren't going to charge a full retail price for the "expansions". If memory serves they said $30-40 was their target price for both. But who knows these days. They may decide to charge full price in the end also.

Starcraft 2 was released in July of 2010 and now its over 2 years in between campaigns, so sad. Blizzard must really have their fingers crossed that players will actually go back after such a huge gap. I know i probably will anyway but will it be another 2 years before we get the next one? Probably. I just don't understand the logic behind waiting so long in between releases. Diablo 3 should have been put on the back burner until Starcraft 2 was completed. Also i wonder if blizzard will charge us another $60 for the other two campaigns as well. If so that will mean almost $200 will be spent on this game when its all said and done.