Stardock Mobile announced; Dead Man's Draw to be first title for iOS

Stardock is known for developing acclaimed and successful software titles, including games, on the PC platform but this week the company announced it is expanding into the growing mobile device market with the formation of Stardock Mobile. The first game from the division, Dead Man's Draw, will be released sometime in October for iOS devices.

In a press release, Stardock said that all of their mobile games will have at least some strategy elements. That seems to be true of Dead Man's Draw. The press release states:

Drawing from the best elements of the puzzle, strategy and classic card games, Dead Man’s Draw is a new take on the genre: Swords steal, maps uncover, and cannons blast as you battle against a wide variety of pirates with different traits and abilities.

Stardock has two more games that are due out in 2014 from the Stardock Mobile division. One is called Hero Busters while the company has not released any information on the game, the screenshot above looks like it will have an old school graphics art style.

The other new game due out in 2014 is Star Trails. Again, there's no information but Stardock Mobile provided a screenshot that suggests it will be a space strategy title.

Disclaimer: Neowin's relationship to Stardock.

Source: Stardock | Image via Stardock

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This actually quite a good fit for Stardock on many levels. I think they are a year (or two) too late to market, but there still seems to be money to make in this space. I expect them to do well here.

I find it interesting that Stardock (A primarily Windows developer... do they even release Mac software?) released their mobile games on iOS first instead of Windows Phone.
Likewise I find it interesting that Neowin (A primarily Windows oriented website) posts the release of iOS only software as a major news item. Should I be expecting a lot of iOS release news (and maybe reviews even?) in the future?

Probably easier to develop for. People have been saying that for like... ever, and you continue to see it all over the place too.

With the announcement of SteamOS, I though there was going to be a Stardock OS when I first read the title.
Star Trails looks nice.

Please no In App Purchases! Have a fixed price for every game and I will happily buy your games on Android. Read that last line again: BUY YOUR GAMES ON ANDROID.

Not meant to be sarcasm in any way.