Starlight Inception Kickstarter campaign in danger of falling short

We have been reporting on a number of games that have had very successful fund raising campaigns on the Kickstarter web site. Today, we wanted to mention one that is very close to reaching its goal but only has a few more hours to achieve it. The game is called Starlight Inception and it's a space shooter game in the same genre as the Wing Commander and Freespace franchises.

The game is being developed by Escape Hatch Entertainment, an Austin, Texas-based company founded by Garry Gaber. Previous to forming Escape Hatch, Gaber worked at LucasArts for a number of years, including acting as the project lead of the RTS game Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds.

As described on the Kickstarter site:

Starlight Inception is a realistic and relevant 1st person (both with cockpit and without) / 3rd person strategic and tactical space combat experience. It has a unique blend of action with an involving storyline. Features include ship based combat both in space and on planets and moons, interplanetary exploration, and multiplayer dogfighting.

The game is being developed as a downloadable PC game, or it could be made as a downloadable title for the new PS Vita console from Sony. The fund raising goal is $150,000 but with less than 12 hours to go, the team has only raised just over $117,000.

Image via Escape Hatch Entertainment

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I've backed 9 projects so far, 5 have been successful, 1 failed, and three are pending. This is one I followed for a while but ultimately decided not to back because it comes off as more of a Colony Wars type arcade game then the more sandboxy games I prefer. Instead I elected to put my money behind Kinetic Void which is far more risky granted since it's not from industry vets but is more in line with the kind of space games I like.