Start Menu Reviver brings a free, touch-friendly Menu to Windows 8

Still craving for a Start Menu in Windows 8, and not satisfied by products such as Start8? Perhaps ReviverSoft's Start Menu Reviver will tickle your fancy, as it brings a touch-friendly Start Menu to both Windows 7 and Windows 8 for absolutely no cost, which ReviverSoft claims "enhances" the standard functions of the Start Menu.

The Modern-UI styled application primarily features tiles as the main way to access your favorite applications, which you should be familiar with from the Windows 8 Start Screen or Windows Phone. In a similar fashion to the Start Screen, albeit in a smaller package, you can pin your favorite tiles to this Start Menu for easy access, or simply use one of the numerous search or discovery tools to find other apps installed on your PC.

The Menu works to launch both traditional desktop applications and Modern apps, and even web pages via handy link tiles that you can set up. The app is also fully customizable through a number of themes, which you can set to match your Windows color choice if you so choose.

If this sounds like the app you're after, head over to ReviverSoft's webpage to download Start Menu Reviver, and as it's completely free you can easily try it and uninstall it if you decide it's not quite your thing. Also, you can check out the demo trailer for the software below.

Thanks for the tip Faikee!

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I don't see the point of a touch friendly start menu to be honest. The start screen and metro UI both work very well for tablets.

LaP said,
I don't see the point of a touch friendly start menu to be honest. The start screen and metro UI both work very well for tablets.

But the start screen is not so great for desktop (it hide desktop, and people don't like that) . I imagine this new menu is great for surface pro tablet, as it allows some minimum consistency either you use a mouse, or finger.

The Design is outsatnding , and all the customization i can do with this, I Installed And Feel Very Happy There are no limits when it comes to personalisation !

Uninstalled. It doesn't allow to remove the bottom-left tile (adware) that points to their site
Also the apps slider animation doesn't work on my system (Win8).
It was the first start app i´ve bother to try. Other's didn't seem so well designed. But i can't stand any kind of intrusive advertising/promo in software.

I won't use this because I actually like the new Start Screen and what seems to be coming in 8.1 looks to fix any real problems I have with it. But you have to admit, it's pretty damn cool looking and innovative. Options are a good thing.

I find it interesting, I hope Microsoft will be inspired. A start menu, that is is both touch friendly and desktop friendly.

I hate how they force you to keep their website tile on the start menu. Overall, the interface isn't very smooth and I feel like it doesn't compare to other alternatives as of this time.

I like it but when I swipe between modern apps and desktop apps it removes the smooth transition. I like the fact you can still access the start screen (I still like the start screen).

now THIS is a start menu that actually makes sense. I on the Metro side of things, but I could totally see Microsoft shipping like this.

.... And you'd use a awkward tiny menu on a touch screen because... ? The Start screen is so much better than this. The design for this isn't even good, it's a mess.

When i'm on my tablet i use the Modern UI as much as possible, because it's full screen and perfect for touch. When i'm on my desktop/workstation i pretty much only use the desktop, and the Start screen then serves as a program launcher. Where as this software just has no logical use.

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Umm I don't understand the point? most people hate the start screen because it's touch focused (and takes up the whole screen), so they get apps to bring back the mouse focused start someone makes a touch focused start menu? full screen works for touch because then you don't accidently touch something you didn't mean too and start menu works for mouse because that is far more precise and doesn't need the space. Seems like a solution looking for a problem. Each to their own I guess.

Tried it yesterday after reading the other article. Not my thing (prefer Classic Shell still for a replacement if I wanted one) but it's actually pretty decent, and a nice change from the 7-style knockoffs. The only disappointing thing (for me) was the tiles aren't live tiles, just static images. Pretty but you lose that functionality if it matters to you.

Yeah. I'm happy with Start8 but this looks pretty slick. I think I'm going to try it. Hopefully the Search is good.

Don't need a Start Menu on the Surface, never really in the desktop. Don't use it for much. Still have the Pro in the box.

TBH, I need desktop, Smartphone (with easy media management), and now I think I'm wanting an iPad mini. Not interested in Galaxy Notes. Maybe WinRT will do better with the 7" form factor.

The first 0:20 seconds tell it all. After that it's just another attempt to refuse something new that takes about half an hour to setup and adjust to.

Dutchie64 said,
The first 0:20 seconds tell it all. After that it's just another attempt to refuse something new that takes about half an hour to setup and adjust to.

Yep. It's amazing how averse to change some people are. I was very anti start screen before using it every day, and now I think it's far more useful and efficient than the start menu ever was. With the changes coming in Windows Blue that is only going to get better. It's unfortunate that some people aren't even giving it a chance...

SpyderCanopus said,
You guys are either weak consumer PC users, or work for Microsoft. Nobody who does programming or content creation likes metro.

That's a cliché. I'm a developer and I don't really mind it at all. How would the start screen lower my productivity? On the contrary, I have many programs giving me information through live tiles.. glancing through them by pressing just one button..

As a software developer running on Win8, I find myself in these situations every now and then:

I have several programs on screen at once.
Visual studio. Several neatly-arranged browser windows. TortoiseSvn logs. Notepads.
As I read a primer article on the browser, I suddenly realise I need to start a few programs.
Calc, Cmd, and Computer Management.
Start+2 for the command prompt. I've had that pinned.
But crap! I do not have calc or computer management pinned!
But I know what to type.
Simple stuff. I can type these without looking.
I've done it a thousand times on Win7.
Besides, I am focusing all my attention and concentration on a sentence on the web page right now.
And so I hit the Start key.


WHAM!!!!!!! The entire screen changes!!!!
A second ago, I had a whole bunch of desktop windows open.
Most web sites have white backgrounds.
Visual Studio 2012 is white (Update 2 breaks attached properties binding, so I had to revert. Also, the black theme is horrible).
Notepad is white.
My eyes have been trained on white for the past 2 hours.
And BAM! I'm suddenly forced into a non-white, full-screen start screen.
As I hit return, so did the desktop.
And now, I'm temporarily blinded as the entire screen goes white again.
That's for Calc.

Recovering from this visual shock, I realize I still need to start Computer Management.

But I don't want to risk going into an epileptic seizure by hitting Start again.

Then I remember I can start the computer management by right clicking where the start button used to be.

So I need the mouse.
Which I've NOT been using for quite some time now because I've been on the keyboard.

So I find myself looking for the mouse on the desk with my peripheral vision.
Sometimes if I'm unlucky, I need to actually take my eyes off the screen to find the mouse.
Then I need to take my hands OFF the keyboard, grab the mouse, move it to the bottom-left corner, right click, LOOK at the context menu, and finally locate and click on the Computer Management menuitem.

And that sentence on the web page that I was concentrating on a while ago? Lost.
My train of thought? Gone. Nada. Whoosh. In Cleveland.

But I suppose it's my own fault. I should have anticipated that I would need Calc and Computer Management today, and should have pinned em on the task bar when I first installed Win8, along with the 15 other essential programs that I've already got pinned.

That's one situation.

Next time, I'll tell you the tale of a task bar with a long list of pinned programs, as my colleagues and I embark on a quest to avoid the start screen

letmesee said,

Then press WIN+R to open a small tiny win7 like runbox? Piece of cake.
And that right click start menu can be opened with WIN+X and then selected with the keyboard. No need to raise your hand towards your mouse.

Also the run/search box will be part of the charms bar with Blue.

If you have trouble finding the mouse, there are some easy to adjust and obvious visibility options in the control panel, just like any previous Windows.

SpyderCanopus said,
You guys are either weak consumer PC users, or work for Microsoft. Nobody who does programming or content creation likes metro.

I am a developer. And I love Windows 8. Especially the new start screen. So stop generalizing.

NeoTrunks said,

Why not just use Start/Windows Key + R?

Several reasons:
1. with the Run command, the program needs to be in one of the known locations
2. with start, I can start a program without remembering the exe name.

In Win7: Start->"Region", Return, and I get "Region and Language"
In Win8: Start -> "Region", Down, Down, Return, Return.
Run Command: "Region" will not work. Instead, I would've had to use "intl.cpl"

Another case in point:

And instead of having to consciously recall if a program can be started via the Run command every single time, I usually just do Start->[Type].

It's served me pretty well since Vista and 7.
And then along came Windows 8.

Thank God Microsoft is making improvements to search in 8.1, but I digress.
My initial comment was in the context of the (Metro) Start Screen, and how it affects my work flow as a developer.

SpyderCanopus said,
You guys are either weak consumer PC users, or work for Microsoft. Nobody who does programming or content creation likes metro.


Danwise said,
LOL, really? Pretty sure there's already a built in touch friendly start menu...

Agreed. With that said this is definitely one of the better designed Start Menu Alternatives... Not that there's a point with the Start Screen already being available as part of the OS or anything... But I do appreciate what they did here...

LOL, really this comment? Don't you get tired of leaving unnecessary, futile messages which can't possibly contribute to any meaningful conversation? Just wondering.

We all know that Windows 8 has a start menu which "doesn't open on Desktop" and this article is about the one that does. I hope this solves your perennial dilemma.

No, Do you get tired of replying to unnecessary comments, with further unnecessary comments? This was my first comment too (go me.) Great looking menu, I agree... but it's being 'sold' as a touch-friendly menu, which one already exists - albeit full screen, very touch-friendly.