Start Screen Unlimited Lite

Start Screen Unlimited

The ability to customize your Start Screen with your favorite apps and colors, adding people, photos and other tiles is a built-in feature in Windows 8. However, Windows only allows adding certain types of tiles to the Start Screen. With Start Screen Unlimited, you can easily bypass these limitations, and customize your Start Screen with just about anything. You can make your Start Screen show your favorite sports channel, add interactive menus, embed Google search, show digital or analog clock, or enhance the appearance of your Start Screen with anything you can imagine.

Personalize your Windows 8 Start Screen with quick menus!
With Start Screen Unlimited, you can group the most frequent actions into a single menu for quick access.
Switch users, shut down your computer or put it to sleep mode, launch applications or open frequently used documents from a convenient pop-up menu.

Start Screen Unlimited comes in two editions:
The free Lite edition greatly enhances your Windows 8 Start Screen at no cost.
The Deluxe version allows commercial use and adds the ability to create some really cool sub-menus.
Whichever version you choose, rest assured you won’t want the old Windows 8 Start Screen back after trying Start Screen Unlimited!

Is Start Screen Unlimited safe for using?
There is no system files patching or some other illegal tricks. Start Screen Unlimited is absolutely safe for installing and using.

Does it work on tablet devices?
Yes. It will work on any tablet with Windows 8/8.1.
Surface RT is not supported.

Download: Start Screen Unlimited Lite | 2.1 MB (Freeware)
Link: Start Screen Unlimited Home Page

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1) Lite and Deluxe versions have the same features.
2) Deluxe version displays 3D menus as shown on the screenshots.
Deluxe users will receive new versions faster and for free.
We'are looking for feedback and the good features suggestions.
You will be surprised, but most people understand the unlimited possibilities that our program can do on the start screen.

Yea, I would probably give it a go but I saw the link to get the Deluxe version. No way. And that horrific logo, I wouldn't use it for that reason either unless I could turn it off.

Has potential, and what's up with simulating the Start Screen on a Mac thunderbolt display?

link6155 said,
One suggestion is to improve the design. If you need help, just let me know, I'm a Graphic UI Designer.

Thank you! I have sent you PM.

pookie62 said,
Next suggestion is get rid of the nagging link to the Deluxe version... that's just nagging.

Thank you for your suggestion.

MorganX said,

Has potential, and what's up with simulating the Start Screen on a Mac thunderbolt display?

Why? Do you like the live tiles?

MorganX said,
Just wondering why you simulated it on a Mac instead of a PC.

Oh, understand you.
It is just a ready-to-use web site template.
But I use W8 on a Mac Air in virtual machine :-)



How to tell when a developer is a douchebag and you shouldn't give them money.

I haven't installed this yet, but found two issues.

1) There is no demo of the Deluxe version.
2) When you buy the Deluxe version you automatically authorize them initiate recurring payments.