StartIsBack+ 1.6


StartIsBack+ returns Windows 8.1 a real fully featured start menu and start button, behaving exactly like the ones in Windows 7. StartIsBack+ radically improves desktop usability and makes new Start screen clutter-free. StartIsBack is fully native lightweight zero-privileges program, cheap and fair, fast, stable and secure.  StartIsBack+ is a free upgrade for all StartIsBack users.

What's new in this version:

  • Support for Windows 8.1 Spring Update
  • Pin Metro apps to Taskbar from Start menu
  • Setting to use modern apps close button to close app forcefully

General improvements:

  • Automatic downloading of updates. StartIsBack now will download new versions automatically in background, using BITS service, and offer you to install them
  • Default start button has shine effect
  • Default start button can be used with bottom-left corner again
  • Improved XP style All Programs menu new program highlighting
  • Improved XP style All Programs menu responsiveness
  • Improved Multi-monitor hot corners behavior


  • Modern app icons didn't show when dragging
  • Shutdown button didn't install Windows Updates by default
  • ‘Problem with shortcut’ dialog could be spawned on startup
  • ‘Display start menu adjacent to vertical taskbar’ worked incorrectly with auto-hide taskbar
  • ‘Remove and prevent access to Shutdown’ Windows policy also prevented logoff

Download: StartIsBack+ 1.6 | 1.1 MB (30 Days Trial)
View: StartIsBack Website

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Same here.. After Microsoft rolls out their new start menu update, I will start testing it here at work.. Then, maybe start pushing it out to some..

Ace said,
I use Windows 8.1 without a third-party Start Menu app.

Unbelievable, I know! :)

Same here, but honestly these companies should thank Microsoft. After Vista's release the majority of people pretty much stopped bothering with Windows visual mods. Windows 7's themes ate more into that. Windows 8 pretty much jumped these companies back into the spotlight in terms of relevance.

Shaun N. said,
If I still ran Windows 8 I'd try it but it's too late. I'm back on Windows 7

Good for you, this makes W8 much better than W7 was in every way. The new copy/move dialogs and explorer ribbon and speed improvements are a welcome change. Win7 was starting to feel slow even with modern hardware