StartIsBack 2.1 - Final version released

StartIsBack returns Windows 8 a real fully featured start menu and start button, behaving exactly like the ones in Windows 7. StartIsBack radically improves desktop usability and makes new Start screen clutter-free. StartIsBack is fully native lightweight zero-privileges program, cheap and fair, fast, stable and secure.

StartIsBack restores original Windows 7 start menu with all its features: search, jump lists, drag&drop, pinned and recently used apps, fully customizable settings. Start button and Start menu look and behave exactly as they used to in Windows 7. StartIsBack includes fine-tuned visual styles and start button images that will fit your style and Windows 8 style. StartIsBack does not run any additional services or programs. It integrates into your computer smoothly. It does not require any other tools or frameworks to install and can be installed without administrative privileges. Start menu is fully localized into your language with same metrics and names Windows 7 had.

What's new in this version:

  • Hot: Advanced option - Show taskbar on Start screen. Very useful on tablets!
  • Configurator fully supports high-DPI screens and RTL languages
  • Desktop toast notification is shown when new StartIsBack version is available
  • "Pin to Start menu" is available in all programs context menus, not just in File Explorer
  • Excluded shortcuts for system shortcuts available in right pane from MFU
  • Multiple license activations are possible on the same Windows installation, same license key, but different hardware
  • Fix: 'Start is apps' feature breaking toast notifications
  • Fix: closing desktop returns to desktop
  • New translations
  • NOTE: due to Microsoft request, all start button images containing Windows logo were removed. You can download them separately

Download: StartIsBack 2.1 | 817 KB (30 Days Trial)
View: StartIsBack Website

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Well, this one contains Microsoft original code from Windows 7, and it does not run as a separate process or completely integrates into Windows 8. Because of this it does not use system resources and is the fastest available Start menu for Windows 8.

Yogurth said,
Well, this one contains Microsoft original code from Windows 7
That confuses me. Someone please correct me, but, wouldn't MS have threatened a lawsuit to have this software stopped from being sold by now? I'm fairly certain it's not legal to sell code written by another software developer, even if it's a small snippet.

ir0nw0lf said,
I guess the obligatory question: what does this have/do that the free alternatives don't do at all or as well?

1. It's the real start menu. This means it's native and doesn't really effect your system speed. It also means that themers will be able to skin it just like on Windows 7.
2. It provides some unique options such as taskbar on start screen, closing apps will switch to last used environment, and much more.
3. No ads. What you pay for is what you get. There's no crapware in the installer, no unremovable promotion/ads.

lol at the orb removal request, so many custom visual themes get distributed with the same stuff. Seems Microsoft are doing their level best to dick out the people making start replacements.

I use this program and this little program is only reason I am using Windows 8 otherwise I would have thrown my Win 8 key in a garbage. I hope this keep working with Win 8.1 otherwise no more upgrades for me. I wish someone come up with program which takes metro crap completely out of my computer.

From what I have heard, the StartisBack author says that all Start menu code has been removed from Windows 8.1. So I'm not sure if StartIsBack will be able to work with it.