Stealth Windows updates may do harm, says newsletter

Looks like this one isn't going away anytime soon, yet another Microsoft watcher has claimed that "Stealth" updates actually do more harm than good.

Fixes made by Microsoft to installed copies of Windows without the user's knowledge or permission -- detailed here earlier this month -- at first seemed alarming but harmless. A story set to appear Thursday in Windows Secrets newsletter says that's not so.

"We have tested and confirmed that the silent updates actually prevent a
repaired copy of Windows XP from loading the latest patches," Scott Dunn, associate editor of the weekly e-mailed publication, writes in the article.

Nate Clinton, Microsoft's program manager for the Windows Update program, couldn't be reached for comment late Wednesday afternoon.

News source: SeattlePi

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"Yellow journalism", "really lame article" - until it happens to you! This article could not have been more timely for me (okay, maybe a week or so more timely). After upgrading my motherboard and processor, Windows would not load, so I used the repair function on the CD. Sure enough, after doing the repair I could not get my updates. Thanks, skinnyJM and Freudi, for providing those links.

Great piece of yellow journalism, Parker. Just the right amount of information to frighten people without letting them know that this "problem" likely won't affect them.

And the "...actually do more harm than good" bit? Pure FUD.