Steam Tops 13 Million Users

Not only did Valve transform Steam from a glorified patch downloader to a premiere content delivery service, it now has 13 million users to boot. According to numbers released by Valve, 13 million active users now contribute to the "7 billion player minutes a month" gamed on Steam. This would never have been achieved had Valve not allowed companies such as PopCap Games, Capcom, and Eidos to distribute content through Steam. "We've approached the development of Steam the same way we treat our online games; we release something we've tested, we internalize the feedback, and then we release new features and functionality based upon the feedback received. In Steam's case, we have millions of customers who are gamers and dozens of customers who are developers and publishers," said Gabe Newell, president and co-founder of Valve.

News source: ExtremeTech

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Steam is becoming a nice avenue for older games you can't find in stores anymore, and being able to play them without having a cd in the drive is a plus.

well .. steam 1 and 2 suck big time.. the 3 client is ok i gues... haven't had any real problems even since.

the previous version were too damn buggy and kept crashing on you.
also it opened up the gates to pirated gaming with good download speeds.

Valve did a pretty good job in the end. i bet the first steam team got fired and they redid the whole damn thing. you can still see bits of the first client sometimes .. when trying to update the client itself, it reverts to the old skin eg.

Boramas said,
... WTCC Race horrid

The whole game's horrid, that's not really Steam's fault ;)

On a more serious note - I've only ever used Steam v3, and have found it to be as good as flawless. A little memory-hungry etc in places, but then all it's doing is loading games that will snatch that memory back and hoard it until they finally quit (for me, usually about 30 seconds after you press the Quit button, CS Source on 768MB of RAM is real nasty sometimes).

I just can't wait for HL2:Ep2, or more pressingly, Portal!

A bad idea about steam is that if youve bought lots of games to your account, and you lose your account you have lost many games at once. Sometimes i get Steam error when i try to login to steam but after few retries it works and thats not good either. But steam is good though.

PureLegend said,
So, what you're saying is "It's rubbish, but I've got so many games on there I have to use it" :laugh:

Hehe, well maybe if someone steal your account or something, you lose all your games just that part is a bad idea of steam, to have accounts to play games.

Congrats Valve. Steam has continually improved over the years, from a shoddy web-distribution-system to a well done one.

I very rarely *like once a year almost) get booted from game with the error "(No steam login)" and i gota restart steam but other than that....FLAWLESS RAWR

Love steam and does the job i remember some years ago it would crash or have bugs but for the past year it's been great.

I love steam! Wish all game-developers distributed games that way. Saves me a trip to the store to pick-up a game

Personally, I love Steam. I've never had any problems with it so far (*touches wood*). Keeps games up to date, easy to get videos and games from. No complaints here!

Works well for me, i can't complain.

Well, until it thinks i don't own my games, but i only need to restart the client then (i've tracked it down to when games crash, it messes with the state or something)