Steve Ballmer Egged in Hungary

Steve Ballmer finally gets to join his buddy Bill Gates in the "food target club" after a visit to the Hungarian University of Economy. A guy (grad student? just some dude?) stood up, yelled "Give back the money of the taxpayers" in an accent Ballmer probably couldn't understand, and started throwing eggs at him.

Gizmodos tipster Joco explains:

Microsoft has midterm contracts with the state in Hungary for "way cheaper than from the store" Campus-licences. This costs billions (in HUF, 160HUF=1USD) for the state and makes students stuck in the Microsoft-world, not knowing Linux etc.

It's not quite as violent as the Bill Gates encounter, but it still doesn't feel good. You know, when someone eggs you. Ballmer is not a house.

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(GreyWolfSC said @ #7)
This was also posted on without the lame user commentary welded on to it. :)

Yes, specially the #7 post.

This is a good example of the juvenile nature of anti-Microsoft fanaticism. It's always these outliers that do crazy, disrespectful stunts- without the possibility of them doing any good or making a difference. You certainly don't hear about any cases of Windows users assaulting Linus Torvalds or vandalizing at Linux expos.

A guy stood up, yelled "Give back the money of the taxpayers" in an accent Ballmer probably couldn't understand, and started throwing eggs at him.

Apparently this guy isn't doing so well in his studies. He seems to be void of any concept of economics (or human decency).

But I suppose when you are as successful as Gates or Ballmer, people will become jealous and do incredibly senseless and immature stunts because...well, that's about all they will manage to accomplish in their lives.

(andy2004 said @ #10)
meh he deserved it

****ty microsoft software is enough to drive anyone mad

Yes, because people don't have free alternatives in this world. Hmmm... that gives me an idea. I'm going to develop something called "Linux" and "" and let people download it for free! *hears someone whispering in his ear* Oh... I see... I'm too late because people already have that choice!

Typical haven't got a F#cking clue university student. I don't know how universities work in hungry but I'd suspect like most others they receive a large amount of government funding i.e. FROM THE TAX PAYER!

This is really senseless. I you don't want to use windows, then don't. But don't throw eggs at someone because you don't like their products.

I can't imagine my self throwing eggs at Steve Jobs just because i don't like that i have to pay high prices for all ipod-related gadgets, specially for features the ipod should have right from the factory.

In an age when food prices are getting to the roof, no one should waste food like that.
It is an offense to the people that suffer hunger everyday.

I think the reason for the man's outburst isn't that Windows exists, but that Microsoft has a deal with the Hungarian government whereby the government subsidises part of the cost of Windows so that Hungarians can buy it for very low prices. In other words, Microsoft is being paid through Hungarian taxpayer money.

I think I'd be upset if my government were doing something similar. Whether the anger should be focused at Microsoft or your governemnt officials is debatable, though.

Man, it was interesting to see Ballmer remain calm when a dude brought along a Macbook! Bet the guy with the Macbook was trying to keep it out of his sight!

I wouldn't risk throwing an egg at big Steve baldy Ballmer, he is rich enough to pay someone to pay someone to pay someone to pay someone to pay someone to kill you.

I liked how initially people laughed at the 'You stole $45 million from the Hungary people, give it back right now' comment and through the first egg, then yelled at him on the second and third. Then Ballmer gave him the "WTF was that for?" look after ducking.

Honestly, freaking attention seeker. If it really bothered him that much,

a) he would've yelled at the top of his lungs, not speak with a stiff voice
b) there would be more than just three silly eggs. It looked like he was using Ballmer as target practice.
c) he might as well get physical with Ballmer. Whether he'd get his ass outright kicked by Ballmer is up for people to decide.

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