Steve Ballmer shows what's on his Windows Phone

Microsoft made a big deal of its Windows Phone 8 OS Monday, and now the company is bringing in its CEO Steve Ballmer to be the focus of a new video ad promoting the new version of its mobile operating system.

In the video, posted on YouTube, we first see Windows Phone's live tiles at work, with updates showing up for Facebook, Skype, emails and text messages. There's also a note from Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, suggesting that Microsoft should think about making a purple Touch Cover for the company's just launched Surface tablet.

There's also some references to Ballmer's golf obsession on his Windows Phone. However, that's quickly moved to the side as his wife Connie sent him a message, telling him to "Wear the blue shirt today."

The video also shows Ballmer's calendar, which reminds him to have lunch with his sons. Finally, he has his own message on his live tiles: "Windows Phone 8 is gorgeous, check it out."

All in all, the video not only shows off how Windows Phone 8, and its live titles, work, it also puts a human face on Ballmer himself, even if he technically doesn't really appear in the video except in a picture at the end.

Source: Windows Phone on YouTube

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This OS just looks awesome to me - I've had an iPhone for 4 years - as much as I love it... This just seems better in every way!

Wow a CEO that actually uses the company's products and advertises that, compare that to HP's CEO using apple products! Nice advert too.

link6155 said,
Steve Ballmer sure loves his purple

There's nothing wrong with that... I myself have an affinity for things that are bright pink.

Damit, I got to wiat until the end of NOV'12 because been in Australa, I always get the **** end of the stick when it comes to Tech stuff