Steve Jobs officially back at Apple

True to their word, Apple have had CEO Steve Jobs return back to work, at the end of June. Jobs had been seen around the campus last week, but it seems he wasn't officially working then; only now, according to CNN, is he properly working again.

A spokesman for Apple, Steve Dowling, said, "Steve Jobs is back to work. He is at Apple a few days a week and working from home the other days. We're glad to have him back," and wouldn't comment any further. Steve Jobs had left Apple in January due to health concerns, and it seems that two months ago he may even have had a liver transplant. However, Steve's recent departure and then return has left many websites and journalists asking, "Would Apple be fine if Jobs left for good?"

It truly is a rather controversial question as to whether or not the stability of a company relies solely on one man, but the only thing that would truly decide it is time. Most people would initially say that no, Apple will be quite fine no matter what happens, but the past has shown how Apple stock has fluctuated (negatively, usually) whenever bad news comes out about the co-founder.

It hasn't been said what will happen now with Apple, regarding new products, and the sort; many people speculated that Jobs would return with a bang, holding a press conference and releasing a new product, but it seems his return has been quite the opposite. Either way, Jobs is back at Apple.

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So is he really back? Any appearances? You guys are just taking some person's word for it. I'll believe it when he stands up and addresses somebody publicly...

I'#m certainly not an Apple fan, but the mere fact that stock prices fluctuate as much as they do, just because of one person is not good from a business perspective. Even if he wasn't doing anything they would have him come him for a few days a week. Big deal, come in Steve play with your iPod, watch a DVD here's your millions of $, thanks go home now!

He is, or soon will be a figurehead and nothing more. Either way nobody deserves to be that ill, and not that he'll read this but best wishes to him!

Apple shareholders would rather try cloning Steve Jobs from one of his hairs than ever letting him go
or even better yet 15 years from now they manage to scan his brain and Steve will become the Apples version of clippy

I wish the best for Steve and I hope he will know when to leave the company before it becomes his downfall (I am sure he has many years left at Apple before he would get to that point)

I doubt very seriously that he'll be running the company much longer, whether because of his health, or because he concealed his health concerns from stockholders.... Whether he leaves or gets the boot, that remains to be seen.

Good to hear, I hope the worst is over for him now. :)

If Jobs left, I think the Apple stock would go a bit shaky, but probably restabilize itself if the new CEO would provide a good enough public face for Apple. I mean, Jobs isn't a god, he's replaceable just like Bill Gates has been. It could even be so that Apple could be better run by someone else than Steve Jobs.