Steve Jobs' type clip teases new magnetic project

Take a look at the video above; that clip looks to be a Steve Jobs’ type presentation, or maybe, Steve Jobs practicing for his big on-stage presentation; the clip ends by teasing a new magnetic project that is set to be announced on March 11th. Also, there is no indication on who made the clip or who is responsible for posting it to YouTube or even if this clip is even intended to be a parody, it was very well made.

The video raises a few interesting questions, such as where did this video come from and what is that thing being shown off at the end of the video? You can clearly see the presenter turn off the lights and computers and then with the glowing orb, turn on all of the devices with a simple touch while saying “BOOM”.

The device shown in the clip raises a lot of questions about what is actually being shown. How is it able to turn these devices on, how is it communicating with the product and more importantly who created the device that is being shown in the video? Did Apple make this or is someone else responsible for this device?

The clip was clearly designed to highlight the unnamed product being shown at the end of the video. We suspect that since the teaser is using an Apple style of design to show that the final product will appeal to similar audiences and could easily interact with other Apple devices.

The clip does point us towards which does have a few more teasers on it about what the project includes but we are still a bit puzzled about what the product is and who is making the device.

If the product does work as well as shown in the video, it could be an entirely new way to interact with gadgets. The theme of the video talks about a “world without wires” which is something that we would love to see turn into a reality, but we need more information before we can declare this product a great success.

The clip and webpage highlights March 11th as the next milestone for this project and we will be curious to see who or what is announced that day. We don’t know about you, but we here at Neowin are quite excited to see what will be announced on March 11th.


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So it's now the 11th... and their site didn't update yet. Any word/idea about this?

I noticed that right before he unplugs everything he put on a glove, and I think the glowing thing is in the palm of it too....

It's viral marketing.

Visit, you know the site heavily promoted in the clip and the YouTube description... Open the HTML source and most elements will refer to CSS classes with "promo" in them.

So the web site is promoting something with this apparently working out like it should as a viral marketing campaign.

Not think is Apple behind, but who knows...
The domain was registered on 01/16/2014 and the web adress is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. But that are all the public info about the awesome-m domain...

The return of S. Jobs? He looks so much like him. If the clip was a parody, then I think it's pretty well-made. The clothes, the gesture and the looks seem so similar. The walls, the desk and the shelves also give such a Jobs-like touch.

A pair of jeans and a polo? Seriously anyone can buy cloth like these.. And I doubt that his house would have been that messy after he got rich.

Not Steve, if his kid knocked that stuff over he would refuse that he existed and send him away with his mother for 20 years.

Did Apple make this

You can't be serious...

we need more information before we can declare this product a great success.

You think?

We don't know about you, but we here at Neowin are quite excited to see what will be announced on March 11th.

At this point I'm fairly indifferent.

Because with him they could at least steal the ideas of others. Without him they're wandering around like a lost child!