Steve Wozniak: Steve Jobs sounds "healthy, energetic"

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said Steve Jobs sounds "healthy, energetic" a month before he is expected to return to the company, reports The Wall Street Journal.

"Mr. Jobs doesn't sound like he's sick, nor did he seem to be in a health crisis.", he said. Back in January, Steve Jobs admitted poor health. and took a medical leave of absence. He was also too weak to attend a city council meeting.

Steve Jobs health has been the subject of widespread speculation. It's still unknown if he'll attend the 2009 WWDC, and while there are questions on whether Jobs will have all of his previous responsibilities when he returns in June, reports say that he is still involved in key aspects of running the company.

This is good news regarding Steve Jobs health. While we don't know whether he'll make an appearance at the 2009 WWDC or not, we'll be sure to give you an update when we hear more information.

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When you have money like he has, almost nothing can kill you, look at all the celebrities and politicians that have some really hard sicknesses, and regular people that die from that same problem.

Money can't buy you health, but it can put an army of doctors to take care of you.

The saddest part of the whole Jobs health issue, as we can see even in this thread, is people want him to be healthy so he can perform his keynotes or announce shiny new Apple crap or get the stock price up.

Pretty sad how few people want to see a recovery for the sake of him being healthy.

Regardless of the product line announcements, if Jobs shows up on the stage for the WWDC 09, I'd expect stock prices to rise!

excalpius said,
"Sounds" good is a clear indicator Steve is anything but. If he was actually doing better, he'd LOOK better.

Maybe he just spoke to him on the phone?

agreenbhm said,
Maybe he just spoke to him on the phone?

Well, of course. But the point is that this is WOZ...he should have access.