Xbox One advertisement hits the mark, builds the hype

Microsoft has just published a promotional video for the Xbox One featuring England captain Steven Gerrard and actor Zachary Quinto.

Xbox One which is Microsoft's next-gen gaming console, will be released this holiday season and the company has already begun promotions featuring popular celebrities. Recently a video showcasing "hypercars" from Forza Motorsport was released with voice over from Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson. Now, Microsoft has published a larger than life video featuring football star Steven Gerrard and Star Trek's Spock who invite people to join in the "all-in-one" Xbox One. The Guardian has reported on Xbox One's TV campaign with speculation that it is already worth at least 100 million dollars.

The promotion begins online on Friday while the TV campaign starts on Sunday in the US, followed by UK in the next week.

You can check out the "Invitation" for yourself here:

Update: Here's the making of the advertisement.

There are still many things that haven't been revealed about the Xbox One but as the release date is nearing we can expect more news about the console. Xbox One launches in 13 markets including the US and UK on November 22.

Source: Xbox on YouTube via The Guardian

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They forgot to put the important date at the end of the video.
This Advertisement should make people want to jump to go buy this or wait for it till this date, but they left out the date. I think that was a mistake.

One of the best ads I have ever seen, really gets the message across and makes you want to be a part of the experience.

I am impressed by what's been announced so far for the Xbox One. Now... if only November 22nd can get here quicker...

Ick, didn't care for the making of video. Zachary Quinto's voice only came out of my left speaker and not the right as well, sounded odd. Probably some of the other voices were the same way. Anyone else notice that?

See, this is what happens when someone says "Focus on gaming, and show secondary features in the right context"

except, the other things are not secondary features. they are main features,just as much as gaming is. theres a reason why it is being marketed as an all in one system, not a gaming console.

ever see the nfl ad? has absolutely zero to do with gaming.

and it is the right thing to do, because today, gaming alone wont sell.

Sigh all you like, vcfan is right in saying the other features of Xbox One are just as important as the games. Not so sure a gaming-only device wouldn't sell though, but that doesn't mean an all in one box wont sell either

Great ad, MS really hit a homerun for this one. It focuses on games, while also sneaking in other features without them seeming to take away from gaming. Its just a slick showcase, clearly pushing the X1 as a gaming device and much more.

They need this kind of marketing to really get over the hump in the mind of consumers in my opinion.

Well mainly because Microsoft don't sell Windows Phones (yet), but I agree with you that Surface needs better marketing.

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