Stop-motion animation powers latest Windows 8.1 commercial

Stop-motion animation, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, is a film technique where an object is moved just a tiny bit before a frame of film is taken, then moved again, then filmed again, and so on. It's been used in commercials, music videos, TV specials such as "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer," and feature films such as "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

This week, Microsoft, which have already released a number of TV ads such as the Walking Dead-themed spot, uploaded a new stop-motion commercial promoting its just-launched Windows 8.1 operating system. The clip, uploaded to YouTube, begins with a real-world representation of Microsoft's four color logo that's pressed by a human hand before turning into a Surface 2 tablet.

The rest of the clip shows the Surface 2 transforming, again via stop-motion, to a variety of Windows 8.1 devices such as a standard HP notebook, a Asus Transformer tablet with keyboard attachment, a large all-in-one touchscreen and finally a small 8-inch tablet. The idea behind the video is, of course, to show that "the new Windows" can work well on a number of different devices and screen sizes.

Source: Windows on YouTube

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Still featuring the fun, toy-like elements of Windows-8 on tablets. Missing, of course, is using Windows-8 on laptops or desktops for any kind of office/serious work. But, since that is the market to which Windows-8 is being pitched, the commercial is appropriate.

froggyliver said,
Wow, once device can do all that? Talk about reinventing. I WANT! lol

My first thought was this too... I want that resizable device

SierraSonic said,
That tablet at the end with Skype is almost perfect, I want a Windows 8.1 phone. Windows phone 8 would be long forgotten by me.
Sure looked like the new lenovo

There will be people who will say it doesn't show features. True, it doesn't. But it still manages to capture the viewer's attention without being obnoxious.
As of late, the ads have gotten better.

I actually think this is one of the better all round ads they've made. Just showed the capabilities and linkage of windows within all the devices and their transportable factor