Stream Mass Effect 3 PC demo now via Gaikai

While you can still download a demo of the PC version of Mass Effect 3 in the conventional way, the folks at Gaikai have now got a way to play a part of BioWare's hit sci-fi RPG without having to wait. Gaikai announced this week that they have set up a page where you can stream the demo to your PC via a web browser.

Gaikai says they are the only place where people can stream the PC demo to their rigs. Because its using a web browser, the demo can run on low end netbooks and laptops. Mac owners can also check out Mass Effect 3 even though the full game has yet to be ported to the Mac platform.

While it's just a demo version, it's cool that PC gamers who might have been on the fence about purchasing Mass Effect 3 can now check out a portion of the game quickly instead of waiting hours for a massive file to be downloaded. You also don't have to sign up for EA's Origin service to try out the demo.

Gaikai seems to have a lock on streaming demos for Electronic Arts-based games. Its main rival in the streaming game business, OnLive, doesn't have any EA game titles in its current library.

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