Streamripper for Winamp 2/5 1.61.22

Streamripper is an open-source (GPL) plug-in for Winamp 2.x & 5.x that connects to streaming MP3 servers such as Shoutcast and records the tracks to your hard drive as individual files. With an easy to use interface, Streamripper allows you to discover new music at your own pace.

With the ever increasing usage of P2P (peer to peer) networking, the average Internet user can download nearly any MP3 file quickly and easily. Streamripper, however, allows you to download an entire station of music from the Internet.

After installation this plug-in can be activated in the preferences menu of your Winamp player.

Download: Streamripper 1.61.22 | 915KB (Freeware)
Skins: Download
View: Product Website

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