Students Share Cheating Methods on YouTube

"Hi, YouTube, it's me, Kiki," the teenager said to the camera as she swiveled in her chair to jazzy background music. "And today I'm going to show you how to cheat on a test - the effective way." She demonstrates her technique, slipping a small piece of paper with the answers in a clear-tubed pen as she rationalizes her reasons for cheating. "I know it's not a good thing to cheat," she said. "It's academic dishonesty, blah, blah, blah. But I think everyone has at least done it once."

Kiki's video is one of several dozen on the popular Internet site YouTube that show detailed ways to cheat on tests. Students no longer conceal answers in the sole of a shoe or the underside of a baseball cap's bill. In the age of continual access to the Internet and laser-precision printers, cheating has gone high-tech.

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Some of the comments on the youtube page and here are absolutely dumbfounding. I can't believe how serious some of you guys are taking this.

Moreover, I can't believe this made any sort of frontpage news. This is terrible.

She is like a 14 year old sharing a well known method that any test proctor or teacher with a brain will spot off the bat.

Well, vocabulary tests in languages, dates in history, key facts in other subjects. Even a few useful little points can go a long way...

"But I think everyone has at least done it once."
Ahhh the clause that adolescents use to make anything seem Ok.

I really don't care if people choose to cheat their way through exams because it will always catch up to them. For instance, if your employer requires you to know Grade 12 math for your job you won't be able to bluff your way through your job for very long.

Broadcasting your methods on YouTube, now that's just begging for attention.

(C_Guy said @ #7)
Broadcasting your methods on YouTube, now that's just begging for attention.

kind of like broadcasting *cough* self-righteousness

(eAi said @ #7.1)
Yes, but not many employers are going to require beginner Latin are they?

thats right...latin isn't really needed when your left flipping burgers at McDonalds...unless you burn yourself.

"hotchawowwow...son of e beeeeech!"

I remember someone in high school scaling down the entire test review super tiny (yet still readable), printing it, and taping it to the back of their student ID. He ended up selling them to other students as well for $5 a pop. Of course, that worked until our school did away with having to wear an ID around your neck.

Doing stuff like that is how you get caught... somebody can't get one or happens to dislike someone who did, and everybody's screwed.

I say let this grow some more until it gets national and/or worldwide news showing the YouTube videos on TV so the cheaters can spoted by friends, family, teachers, and other people in the school's administration. Public videos right? They cant complain if they get caught on national TV. F for the semester and maybe get kicked out if they are in college.

Indeed, I cheated my way through various (unimportant) tests at school with the aid of 4 point type on small slips of paper. That was 10 years ago... It's hardly high-tech...