Study: 14.7 Million Jobs Created Globally by Microsoft

A new study by IDC, which examined the IT industry's impact on local job creation, company formation and tax revenues in 82 countries representing 99.5% of the total technology spending worldwide, predicts that in 2007 Microsoft-related activities will be responsible for 14.7 million jobs from an IT industry total of 35.2 million people (42% of total IT employment globally in 2007). This number includes people working at IT companies and IT professionals who create, sell or distribute products that run on Microsoft platforms. "The IDC research ... also shows the significant contribution made by the Microsoft® ecosystem, especially in the creation of local businesses and local jobs," said John Gantz, chief research officer at IDC. Unsurprisingly, the independent research was sponsored by none other than Microsoft.

The study concluded Microsoft serves as an economic catalyst in every country in which it operates. The research found that for every $1 that Microsoft earns in 2007, companies working with Microsoft will earn $7.79. "IDC's research quantifies the enormous power of software to create local jobs and grow economies around the world, in both developed and developing markets. Millions of people are employed globally in Microsoft-related activities, generating more than a half-trillion dollars in taxes in 2007 for governments worldwide," said Craig Mundie, chief research and strategy officer at Microsoft. The study also showed that spending on IT will reach $1.2 trillion worldwide in 2007, and is expected to grow 6.1% a year for the next four years.

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I don't think MS should be advertizing that its operating systems are so amazingly bad that they require an army of IT drones to keep them running. Or that MS security is so pitiful that there is an entire industry of security products built around it. What would the IT world do if someone created an OS that didn't suck?

toadeater said,
...its operating systems are so amazingly bad that they require an army of IT drones to keep them running.

So...there are operating systems that can run independently and efficiently without anyone administering them?

Which OS? I want a couple!!

LMAO, so because a cokmpany makes software that works ON Windwos, it's all of a sudden Microsoft creating the JOB, umm no if MS wasn't around they would simly be writing code for a different OS

hmmm perhaps,but i doubt it (5kk<),apple isn´t a benefit,and this is a reason why i stand up for microsoft,they create jobs even here,in Colombia.

But i bet apple fanboys care a **** about this.

And well,guess what happens with linux