Study Finds Windows Cheaper Than Linux

A Microsoft-sponsored white paper from research group IDC, which compares the total cost of ownership of Microsoft's Windows 2000 and Linux server environments across five enterprise computing workload situations at 104 companies, found that the Windows 2000 server offered a lower five-year total cost in four of the five selected workloads.

The paper, which Microsoft released to some customers, partners and press today, is titled "Windows 2000 Versus Linux in Enterprise Computing: An Assessment of Business Value for Selected Workloads."

It found that in four workloads—network infrastructure, print serving, file serving and security applications—the Windows 2000 server solution cost between 11 percent and 22 percent less than a Linux solution over a five-year period.

For the fifth workload, Web serving, Linux had a cost advantage of 6 percent compared with Windows 2000 server over the five-year period, the IDC said.

News source: EWeek

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One of Microsofts primary goals with Windows 2000 was to bring down the TCO down further, I believe they made leaps and bounds over NT4 to do that.

.NET Server appears to better this still with its locked down configuration. If Windows TCO is better than Linux (or the other way around) then it must be by a small margin because otherwise it would stand out alot more clearly.