Study gives high innovation marks to Microsoft's Windows Phone Store

Microsoft has been slowly but surely adding more content and features to the Windows Phone Store. Just before the end of 2012, the company announced that it had added 75,000 new apps in the past 12 months. This week, the ABI Research firm cited the Windows Phone Store for its innovations.

In the firm's press release, it noted that while it ranked Apple's iTunes ahead of Google, RIM and Microsoft in terms of implementation of its store, Microsoft had the most innovative mobile phone app store. In particular, the firm said that the store had a better way for users to discover new apps than the other mobile phone storefronts.

ABI Research's senior analyst Aapo Markkanen stated:

Microsoft should be lauded for its initiative to extend its ranking algorithm beyond raw download figures, by including factors that can actually measure the customer satisfaction and retention. Retention-based charts are less prone to manipulation, so as an additional plus Microsoft can also afford being more transparent about its approach.

Last week, Microsoft said that in addition to the 75,000 new Windows Phone apps, there were over 300,000 app updates that were published to the Windows Phone Store. Microsoft said an average of about 54 apps have been download for each Windows Phone device.

Source: ABI Research | Image via Microsoft

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spy beef said,
Did Microsoft pay for this study?

That's an unnecessary bit of trolling there... lol

So, they have a better way of discovering and finding apps in their store? I'm sure everyone else will copy them now. lol

siah1214 said,
Yeah there's no possible way that an independent group could ever think highly of a Microsoft product.
Damn trolls.

Have used the store, lol. If you're looking through apps, you can't obviously see that one is installed or needs update without going into app.

The search functionality wasn't very good last I tried, admittedly last time I tried was a few weeks after GA.

There was another issue I ran into that I didn't see that other stores had.

I had issues downloading an app a few times but could go in a few hours later and had no issue, then another app wouldn't install until later.

You guys are just trolling, too. Don't your underwear in a twist just because someone's poking fun. Especially when it's probably likely.

Edited by farmeunit, Jan 3 2013, 7:19pm :

Actually, I kind of agree, but perhaps not for the same reason. It seems rare that everyone's blindly jackin' it to Apple products, but it's somewhat seldom for someone to have the balls to actually give Microsoft a kind word.
I personally have some gripes with the store (You have 3 updates...but then when you go to update, there's nothing to be updated!) and don't see anything particularly stellar about it, but I've never used competitors' stores, so I don't have anything to compare it to.

spy beef said,
Did Microsoft pay for this study?


Now embrace the fact that Microsoft deserves this recognition!

I know you will find it painful, troll.

For their sake, I hope not. They didn't really get their money's worth if they did.

Apple has won ABI Research's Competitive Assessment of mobile application storefronts, with Google finishing second and Microsoft third. In the assessment, the leading app distributors were ranked by two dimensions: implementation and innovation.

Article is misleading.