Study: The more you use Facebook, the :( you're likely to be

Let’s face it, Facebook has a lot of users. 1.15 billion (as of August 2013) of us use it on a regular basis to chat with friends, let people know we’re on holiday, post a picture of a bottle of Coke with our name on it, play games; the list goes on. But a recent study suggests that over a period of time, Facebook may actually make you less happy than you were before you started using it.

While only taking a pinch of the 1.15 billion users, 82 of them to be precise, the University of Michigan (U-M) found that over a two week period, the 82 users felt their general mood was worse than before they started to use Facebook.

Using experience-sampling, the university sent texts with a link to an online survey that the participants completed. The five questions in the survey gauged their mood, what they were worried about and how lonely they were, all at the time of answering. In addition, the participants rated their satisfaction before and after the study, with the results swing in favour of all of them being less satisfied with their life after using the social network.

U-M social psychologist Ethan Kross said of the study:

On the surface, Facebook provides an invaluable resource for fulfilling the basic human need for social connection. But rather than enhance well-being, we found that Facebook use predicts the opposite result – it undermines it.

While, both loneliness and Facebook use both independently predict if we are happy or not, we aren’t as likely to use Facebook if we are already a bit down, according to the study at least.

U-M and the researchers would like to widen the study to more users and a wider age range, in the hope that they can generalise their results.

Source: Plos One Via: CBS Philly | Image courtesy of

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Facebook is the worst thing to ever come about.. I used to comment on ESPN and articles but now I can't cause they switched to all facebook use. I won't really say "can't" cause I WONT either, I don't have facebook but even if I did that is stupid of me to comment now and everyone will know who I am, just no privacy. Those stupid people complaining about the NSA and so on about listening to their phone calls and spying on them and have Facebook really need a reality check.

People use to have less distraction without facebook and now it just add another layer of task for people to check it everyday and i don't think it's a great idea for the younger generation especially pre operational stage. However, facebook can really harm the rest of your life if you don't know how to mange it.

Just the thought of Facebook is and has always been depressing to me!

Have never figured out why it's so popular and why so many people spend all day on it! Actually, I kind of know why it's so popular and that's simply because people have become so lazy, they've replaced real life with that fantasy world!

Used to have a fake account that I only used to ridicule crap companies like Virgin Mobile and XM radio but it got cancelled because I wouldn't give them a phone number when logging in! One of the best things a site I've never liked could've done for me!!

Facebook is a platform to show off.

If that makes you think that everyone else's lifes are more interesting that yours that might be depressing, but it's not real (unless you spend the hole day on Facebook, then it might actually very well be the case).

Thing is anyway that, at best, whatching people having fun with activities you are not participating in won't have a possitive effect in your mood. At worst it can be depressing if you are already dissatisfied with your life.

I agree. Without Facebook, you can actually achieve/create things with your bare hands (resulting in a sense of accomplishment). The depressing part about it comes after spending three hours on it straight, and knowing that you've just wasted your night and haven't become any more popular (if that's possible on Facebook).

If you're into IT, replace Facebook time with learning programming - it's worth it.

Edited by 68k, Aug 16 2013, 7:56am :

So I'm going to become more of an emoticon?
Don't have Facebook, don't use my Twitter account that much these days, so I think I'm safe.

MidnightDevil said,
I left facebook before depression settled in

I am depressed and I was depressed before using Facebook.
I deleted my account after seeing what it was all about! "Look at meeeeeee!"
And by using Facebook, you sell yourself to corporate interests!

between facebook, twitter, tumblr, and youtube comments section.. does anyone really have any faith in humanity left?


Seeing pics of friends and relatives going places where I cannot go due to job/work makes me feel bad about myself. So whenever you see some one so something you cannot be, it's bound to create negative feelings.

Most of my friends too have moved over to What's App for chatting and sharing stories or jokes.

Spicoli said,
Negative feelings because people you care about get to do stuff? That's kind of sad. I feel happy for them.

Actually, the problem is that people boast too much about what they do. If aren't boasting, they just say "We are about to eat dinner now." or "I'm going to the toilet" and other nonsense.
My depression doesn't come from "I want to do things too.", it's from "Nobody is like me. Everybody else is so hyperactive, a Lifestyle I do not like."

I didn't enjoy anything they wrote. It was all braindead crap.
Some even say "I'll drive 800 km away during my vacation and I'll be away between day X and Y." and as they are on their vacation, they give daily updates about where they are, including GPS coordinates with Google maps.
I'm like "Who gives a ****!? Show us something interesting and not the highway fastfood restaurant!!!"
How dumb are people allowed to be?!