Suit calls on Dell Canada to replace notebooks

Dell Canada Inc. faces a lawsuit filed by an Ontario man on behalf of Canadians who own certain models of Inspiron notebook computers with purported defects that cause complete system failure, the plaintiff's lawyer announced Friday.

The class-action suit, filed in Ontario Superior Court with Thad Griffin of Aurora, Ont., as the lead plaintiff, alleges that design defects that make the computers susceptible to overheating and premature failure of the motherboard - one of the main components of any computer.

It also alleges that Dell knew or ought to have known of the inherent defects in the notebooks' design but nevertheless sold, marketed and distributed the notebooks in Canada.

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I had a power failure with my Inspiron 6000 a few months ago and now it's just dead. It happenend after the warranty also :(

Anyone knows if there's a link to learn more about this class action (other than

I have a 5160 and I live in Canada. I know there are some motherboard problems when my screen will go a solid color except for one patch which has a design to it (same color though).

It happens when I put ANY pressure on the bottom of the computer while it is on. This means if I pick it up to move it to a new location or to shift it to the side a bit.