SUMo - Software Update Monitor

KC Softwares (authors of IDPhotostudio, VideoInspector, AudioGrail...) has just released a new freeware program called SUMo - Software Updates Monitor. SUMo notifies users when updates are available for their favorite software. SUMo relies on social networking : if a significant amount of SUMo users have a newer version than yours of any software you use, SUMo proposes the download link for this update.

By using SUMo you can update before you really need to use your favorite software (unlike when using proprietary auto-update features).

Download: SUMo
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Link: Home Page

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This is called Updateware??? lmfao. Right.

SUMo checks your system and reports on updates it finds - by referring you to Google search pages for the product it found an update for.


This is not automatic by any means, and needs a lot of work - it finds individual executables inside of program folders that are actually a part of another program and tries to find updates for them) but the manual add feature is still paramount like the poster said.

How does it actually fetch the applications' homepages?

"Posted by Kyle_Katarn", quite funny, isn't it? "KC Softwares, authors of IDPhotostudio, VideoInspector, < < spam > >..." ... well ... NeoWin should filter these things.

A similar application is UpdateStar. It also uses social updating, and has a much better interface to boot.

EDIT: Submitted for posting.

EDIT 2: Just tried this program out and wow, UpdateStar is infinitely better. Fully automatic detection, no need to manually add anything. But the Drag and Drop feature of SUMo is nice, I'll give it that.