Sun increases heat against MS, promotes OpenOffice via Java

Windows users who have an older version of Java SE Runtime Environment and have yet to install Update 3, which was released earlier this month, will be getting the usual "on the 26 of each month" update prompt from Sun. This month, the emphasis doesn't seem to be on Java, though. Sun has decided to promote its Microsoft Office alternative. Right below the words "A new version is ready to be installed!" is the advertisement: "To get a FREE copy of OpenOffice, the global standard in free Microsoft Office compatible productivity software, just click the More Information link below." Now, Java is a program that has been adopted as an Internet standard in its own playing field, and it is installed on the larger majority of computers that are online. Sun may not directly convert Microsoft users, but it may just get out there to all of those that are frustrated that their trial of Microsoft Office has expired. A little sly on Sun's part, but it might just prove to be a smart move.

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I see Java living on devices but I just don't see this making any dent on Desktop, where developers have clearly ran away in huge numbers to .NET.

Really? Somebody tell that to the people in the computer science department at the university I attended. They took on Java because its becoming the more common programming language in favor of dropping C++ for the introductory classes. all the advanced classes are taught in VB.NET. I really hate having to learn Java because the C/C++ syntax is so hard. A former classmate works for AT&T and he does all their development in Java.

Sun's JRE - particularly the update mechanism - is just plain old obnoxious. They really should see Flash and Silverlight for how to do a rapid, non intrusive install and update of a browser plugin.

Hawking toolbars, office suites, and other crap I didn't ask for is a great way to get uninstalled.

And I avoid pages (and other "things") that requires the Java runtime. Feels good to not have that stuff installed.

I just don't see a lot of "heat" coming from Sun. Every business I've ever worked for has used MS Office. Most students I've known have used it. Unfortunately, you can't even really say that OOo has the same features as MS Office.

Don't get me wrong, OOo has a lot of good features. is great. Especially for people who can't afford and/or don't need MS Office, it's a good substitute. However, after using both programs, there are many number of options/functions that the Microsoft program offers. These functions aren't important for everyone, but many people (and I know several) will find them very beneficial. Also, the user interface of MS Office is cleaner and more efficient to many people.

Until OOo can add and improve upon each feature of MS Office, I just can't see the major switch that they seem to want.

I find it odd that people are against free software, especially when OOo is compatible with MS Office. I mean, other than the MS Office 2007 file formats, OOo can do pretty much whatever MS Office can do... The only reason I have MS Office 2007 installed is because in a couple of my courses, it is required. Otherwise, I'd go with straight OOo.

In 10 years maybe it can do what Office 2003 could.

Edit: Although I think OOo is a good idea I don't reallly thing one can compare it to Office 2007. And I hope that will make the OOo people work even harder - competition is good!
Also, I can't see why the OOo guys won't implement OOXML. It can't be bad for them...

fobban said,
Also, I can't see why the OOo guys won't implement OOXML. It can't be bad for them...
Because these groups already had an ISO-approved interchange format in ODF. And why doesn't Microsoft support ODF? It can't be bad for them, either. ;)

In the end, there will be two competing "standards" and converters for both. The customer? Caught between the two.

fobban said,
Also, I can't see why the OOo guys won't implement OOXML. It can't be bad for them...

they are! Its targeted for a later release. You get it now in the Novell edition of with a plug-in

I was amused they feel the need to advertise on a box already running 2.3. I think I usually get the Java package by installing the OpenOffice package which includes it, not the other way around.

Aren't these the same screens that people don't read while installing programs thus prompting the whole spyware boom? Seems like a poor place to advertise it, to me.

ViperAFK said,
did you idiots really uninstall java because of this... It comes up once I don't see a problem with it.

I'm an idiot because I don't want my computer spamming me? If you say so...