Sun's Jonathan Schwartz Takes on Longhorn

Jonathan Schwartz, Sun Microsystems Inc.'s executive vice president of software, took time after his quarterly Town Hall in San Francisco to sit down with eWEEK Contributing Editor Steve Gillmor in a conversation about Microsoft Corp.'s Longhorn Wave and the market challenges and opportunities it may present for Sun.

SG: Notes and Groove creator Ray Ozzie says he's very excited about Longhorn – particularly its validation of Groove innovations in peer-to-peer and XML now baked in to the operating system.

Schwartz: That's a dangerous thing though. The fact that they're baking those things into the OS means that they don't need Ray's product.

SG: He sees the opportunity to build apps on top of that infrastructure.

Schwartz: No company has ever monetized Microsoft's infrastructure in the history of Microsoft.

SG: Is Longhorn's managed code environment its most strategic attribute?

News source: eWeek

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