SUPER 2008 Build 24

SUPER is a Multimedia Encoder and a Multimedia Player, easy-to-use with 1 simple click.If you need a simple, yet very efficient tool to convert (encode) or play any Multimedia file,without reading manuals or spending long hours training, then SUPER © is all you need. SUPER © does NOT require any additional external codec to be installed, absolutely nothing. Necessary codecs are built in! SUPER © can also play and save Internet Media Streams with different protocols ( mms:// rtsp:// http://) SUPER © is totally FREE to download and to use. It plays & converts very fast full length movies to any other format without any time or function limitation. NO trial or evaluation version of SUPER © but one unique fully working version.


3GP to 3GP, 3GP to AVC, 3GP to AVI, 3GP to DivX, 3GP to FLV, 3GP to H264, 3GP to MP4, 3GP to MPG, 3GP to XviD, ASF to 3GP, ASF to AVC, ASF to DivX, ASF to FLV, ASF to H264, ASF to MP4, ASF to MPG, ASF to XviD, AVC to AVC, AVC to AVI, AVC to DivX, AVC to FLV, AVC to H264, AVC to MP4, AVC to MPG, AVC to XviD, AVI to 3GP, AVI to AVC, AVI to AVI, AVI to FLV, AVI to H264, AVI to MP4, AVI to MPG, AVI to XviD, DivX to 3GP, DivX to AVC, DivX to AVI, DivX to DivX, DivX to FLV, DivX to H264, DivX to MP4, DivX to MPG, DivX to XviD, DVB to AVI, DVB to DivX, DVB to DVD, DVB to FLV, DVB to XviD, FLV to 3GP, FLV to AVI, FLV to DivX, FLV to DVD, FLV to H264, FLV to MP4, FLV to MPG, FLV to VOB, FLV to XviD, H264 to 3GP, H264 to AVC, H264 to AVI, H264 to DivX, H264 to FLV, H264 to H264, H264 to MP4, H264 to MPG, H264 to WMV, HDTV to AVI, HDTV to DivX, HDTV to DVD, HDTV to FLV, HDTV to H264, HDTV to MP4, HDTV to MPG, HDTV to VOB, HDTV to XviD, MOV to 3GP, MOV to AVC, MOV to AVI, MOV to DivX, MOV to FLV, MOV to H264, MOV to MP4, MOV to MPG, MOV to XviD, MKV to 3GP, MKV to AVC, MKV to AVI, MKV to DivX, MKV to FLV, MKV to H264, MKV to MP4, MKV to MPG, MKV to XviD, MP4 to 3GP, MP4 to AVC, MP4 to AVI, MP4 to DivX, MP4 to FLV, MP4 to H264, MP4 to MP4, MP4 to MPG, MP4 to XviD, MPG to 3GP, MPG to AVC, MPG to AVI, MPG to DivX, MPG to FLV, MPG to H264, MPG to MP4, MPG to MPG, MPG to XviD, OGM to 3GP, OGM to AVC, OGM to AVI, OGM to DivX, OGM to FLV, OGM to H264, OGM to MP4, OGM to MPG, OGM to XviD, RM to 3GP, RM to AVI, RM to DivX, RM to FLV, RM to H264, RM to MP4, RM to MPG, RM to XviD, VOB to 3GP, VOB to AVI, VOB to DivX, VOB to FLV, VOB to H264, VOB to MP4, VOB to MPG, VOB to XviD, SWF to 3GP, SWF to AVC, SWF to AVI, SWF to DivX, SWF to FLV, SWF to MP4, SWF to MPG, SWF to XviD, WMV to 3GP, WMV to AVI, WMV to DivX, WMV to FLV, WMV to H264, WMV to MP4, WMV to MPG, WMV to XviD, XviD to 3GP, XviD to AVI, XviD to DivX, XviD to FLV, XviD to H264, XviD to MP4, XviD to MPG, XviD to XviD

What's New:

  • [ADD] Sequence Of Images profile to render sequentially numbered JPG, PGM, PPM, PNG files
  • [ADD] support for sequentially numbered JPG, PGM, PPM, PNG input files
  • [ADD] the adpcm Audio Codec to the FLV output container profile
  • [ADD] support to play SWF files even when encoded with the adpcm Audio Codec
  • [ADD] support to play AMV files
  • [ADD] support for AMV input files
  • [ADD] a Warning test for the minimum requirements at program startup
  • [ADD] option to set GOP to Auto/Manual
  • [ADD] option to set GOP to Open/Closed
  • [ADD] option to set B_Frames when using MPEG-I, MPEG-II, MPEG-4, H.264 and Xvid video codecs
  • [ADD] option to set the Interlace mode when using the MPEG-II and MPEG-4 video codecs
  • [FIX] a long list of small bug fixes and coding enhancements...
Download: SUPER 2008 Build 24 (Freeware, 26.1MB)
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Link: Home Page

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Can i ask which antivirus people are using to detect the trojan?

I want to convert mov to avi and heard this was a good program, if it is infected what is an alternative to this program??

Great piece of software, love it. Just got a small problem when resizing a video: I'd like to set the output video at 600x480 (5:4) but it keeps changing the value to 608x480. Why? It does the same with other sizes too, it's like I cannot really set a "custom" size.

Now thats a tool i'm glad someone finally made. Now when people ask me what tool they can use to convert there videos, i'll just say SUPER :D

I really can't wait to try this thing out. The interface needs work, and a better, well suited layout. The right click menu is a little big for me. Other then that, it's great

Good news!

The old version was full of bugs, but whenever it did decide to work properly I was satisfied with the results.

Been using Super for a while now and its great, The website leaves a lot to be desired tho, heh. It makes the software look a lil dodgy

(DrCheese said @ #1.1)
Been using Super for a while now and its great, The website leaves a lot to be desired tho, heh. It makes the software look a lil dodgy

That would be because it is dodgy, it tried to install a trojan on my system, fortunatly my anti-virus picked it up. I'm gonna be more wary of "free" software for now on :P