Supreme Commander gets a second life on Impulse

Supreme Commander gets a new life with the announcement that Supreme Commander Gold is now available on Impulse. Supreme Commander Gold combines the awesome action of both Supreme Commander and Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance.

In Supreme Commander, players will fight in the Infinite War, a horrific conflict that has shattered a once peaceful galaxy. Three races - the Cybran Nation, the Aeon Illuminate and the United Earth Federation - do battle over conflicting and unwavering systems of belief. After centuries of struggle, the war has reached a turning point. You are a Supreme Commander, only you have the power to bring the Infinite War to an end once and for all.

With Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, the remnants of the UEF and Cybran Nation form an uneasy alliance when the deadly Seraphim return. The Serephim invasion is swift and without mercy as the Earth is reduced to ash. Struggling against insurmountable odds, the new Coalition wages a desperate guerilla war that will decide the fate of all humanity.

News source: Impulse News
Link: Supreme Commander Gold

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Be careful ordering this game over Impulse. I paid my £20 & was sent a serial for SP Gold by Stardock that can't be used to install either version of the game. Now awaiting a reply to my rather peeved email to stardock sales on how to install this without the serial problem.

I like Impulse better. For one thing, Steam doesn't have Supreme Commander. Another thing is that Impulse just seems a lot more polished.

I prefer Steam as well. Valve has never been hypocritical. (Acting against DRM/Copy Protection but then using it in non-game products such as WindowBlinds)

This is good news, finally Supreme Commander can be bought online, this promises good things for coming expansion and version 2.
To bad its not on Steam, id love to have all my games in 1 place, but if impulse gets the exp or v2 i guess il have to try out their service to.

I use impulse as a game launcher for GalCiv and Sins and plan to buy the Sins expansion later this month. I've already got Supreme Commander and Forged Alliance and wish GPG would allow Impulse to take my existing CD-keys so I could permanently archive the install discs.

Edit: Is the comments system borked? I'm sure I click on the quote button on MightyJordan's post, but it's posted it as a new top level comment instead.

It's pretty popular based on the community activity. I don't think it's as popular as Steam but I sure like it a lot better. It's like what Steam should have been.