Surface Pro might have passed FCC approval

A few weeks ago, Microsoft re-confirmed that its Surface Pro tablet, running on an Intel chip and with Windows 8 Pro inside, would ship in January with the starting price of $899. Now it looks like the tablet might have quietly gone through the approval process of the US Federal Communications Commission.

A recent post on the FCC website shows the documents of the unnamed product from Microsoft. The big clue is the model number displayed on the label, which happens to be "1514". The current Windows RT version of the Surface tablet has the "1516" model number. The two numbers certainly cannot be a coincidence.

The rest of the documents only confirm that "1514" will have some kind of 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth wireless support. However, this FCC note would seem to be a good sign that Microsoft will keep its current schedule of releasing the Surface Pro next month.

As we have already reported, the $899 Surface Pro will have a 64 GB hard drive, with a 128 GB version priced at $999. Both prices do not include the optional Touch or Type Covers, but they do include a Surface digital pen with "expanded capacitive and digitizing technology."

Source: FCC | Image via Microsoft
Via: Engadget

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Way too expensive. I really don't see the reason to buy this instead of a convertible laptop (Lenovo Yoga for instance). I played with one and the screen is so small that it's absurd to depend on it for serious work (me personally at least). I can't help but keep putting it in the nice-to-have category and at $1000+ it isn't that nice or worth the money.

I really want a Windows pro tablet but there is only two options that costs under £600 which is the HP Envy X2 and the Acer Iconia W510 both are powered by an Intel Atom. I don't want to go anything below an Intel i3.

The Surface Pro might be just to expensive for me here in the UK.

It check for over the wireless (radio) and wired (energy) interference and nothing else much. Most devices passes the FCC in a whim so it is not a big deal.

bucko said,
This or the Nexus 10, I can't decide . I tried the iPad mini and I did not like it.

Why this or Nexus 10? If you're willing to drop the ability to run Windows programs (Nexus 10), then the Surface RT would also be an option. I only say this because a huge number of people say the same as you just have.

I'm a very happy temporary Surface RT owner. It's even better than I imagined... but I'm giving to a family member for Christmas. I'm getting the Surface Pro in January because I need to be able to run Visual Studio.