Surface Pro software update released to improve SSD performance

Earlier this week, Microsoft has a new post on its official Surface blog promising that people who buy the Surface RT or Surface Pro will get continued software updates for their devices. As it turns out, Microsoft went ahead and issued an unscheduled update for the Surface Pro on Thursday.

In a post on Microsoft's Community forums, a company rep revealed what was in this surprise Surface Pro update, stating that it included " ... a low level driver update to improve SSD performance during boot."

This is just the second software update for the Surface Pro since it first went on sale in early February. In mid-March, a scheduled update of the PC enabled the Windows To Go feature along with "improved onscreen keyboard detection synchronization" when the Surface Pro goes in and out of its sleep mode as well as improvements to its WiFi hardware.

Microsoft has pledged to continue to improve the WiFi features in both the Surface Pro and Surface RT "to reduce the instances where Limited Connectivity is reported" in future software update. It has also said it will issue an update for the Surface Pro's stylus "to enable pressure functionality in Adobe Photoshop."

Source: Microsoft Community | Image via Microsoft


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chAos972 said,
I wonder if my RT still has "Limited Connectivity" wifi issues when connecting with my iPhone hotspot...

I used to have that problem constantly when I first got it. Now it only happens about once a week.

Really like how responsive MSFT is with fixing any issues.

I feel like it shouldn't really be happening at all - I don't recall any other device having this many wifi issues so I'm a bit perplexed what the root cause must be.

It was particularly frustrating when at the airport one time, my Surface just wouldn't connect (and I was trying my best to give using it solely a shot) but I ended up using my iPad.