Surface Pro to go on sale in Hong Kong on Friday

Microsoft started selling the Surface Pro tablet in early February in the US and Canada and added mainland China in early April, and Hong Kong is set to be the next territory to sell the Windows 8 Pro device. reports that Hong Kong retailers will begin selling the Surface Pro on Friday, with the 64 GB version to be priced at HK$7,088 ($913), while the 128 GB version will be sold for HK$7,888 ($1016). There will apparently be some kind of launch event at Windsor House and the first 150 people in line will get a chance to win some free extras like a Wedge Mouse, a Surface Touch Cover and Office 365 subscriptions.

A few weeks ago, Microsoft indicated that the Surface Pro would start to go on sale in a number of new countries and territories before the end of May, including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. By the end of June, the tablet should go on sale in five more countries: Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, and Thailand. So far, the company has yet to give specific launch dates for those parts of the world.

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Time is running out for AUS... However Aus retailers are expected to have them in stock next week or so (based on the normal turn around time)


I've seen early Haswell test results, and if they are for real, Intel has some explaining to do.
CPU performance is up roughly 10-15%, GPU is about 30-40% up, and battery life is about 25% better.
So, no magical doubling in performance and battery.

I think that will still be the Atom, with -promised- double batterylife and 4x the performance, which would make it as fast an an old Core2Duo5500 series but with a 2 day workload.....

long story short, they will start selling in Europe just when Haswell will start arriving. Thanks, but no thanks. If Europe is a secondary market for them, then i will give my hard earned euros elsewhere.

I suppose they would launch somewhat the same time, atleast i hope so.

I know I'm ready to throw those money at my monitor.

So they still have 18 days before they release it in the UK according to the schedule. Really want to know official pricing.

drazgoosh said,
Knowing companies and their non-US pricings, it's going to be £699-£799 ($1070-$1220) for the cheaper $899 (£590) model.

And for good reason! $899 does not include tax. I had to pay 9% tax on top of that when ordering though the Microsoft Store online for a total of $980 here in Louisiana.

You? You have to pay 20% VAT. That easily brings the total up to $1080 without any international markup.

If they have the RT you can normally work it out,

Or some retailers (If they sell via them) have them listed already, I know JBHIFI and HarveyNorman in AUS already have them listed so AUS has its price points already...