Surface remains most popular Windows 8/RT device according to AdDuplex

A few weeks after the official launch of Windows 8 and Microsoft's Windows RT-based Surface tablet, an online ad network company called AdDuplex posted numbers gathered from their network that showed the Surface tablet was leading the Windows 8/RT hardware market. In mid-November, their data showed that 11 percent of apps that accessed the AdDuplex network were running on the Surface.

On Tuesday, AdDuplex updated their Windows 8/RT stats for the week of December 7th. Their new numbers show Surface still leading among PCs using Microsoft's latest OS, but that its percentage had dropped down drastically to six percent. Three cheap HP PCs (the HP 2000, the HP Pavilion g5 and the HP Pavilion g7) were next on the list and the Asus VivoTab RT, which like the Surface runs on Windows RT, is eighth on the list.

It's not surprising that the Surface has lost some of its market share; more PC OEMs are releasing new Windows 8 hardware to stores. Indeed, AdDuplex said that its ad network is now tracking over 5,500 different Window 8/RT devices, a massive increase compared to just over 3,000 PCs a few weeks ago. These new numbers might also indicate many people have upgraded their older PCs to Windows 8.

HP has the biggest overall market share of Windows 8 devices at 22 percent, followed by Dell at 10 percent, Asus and Acer, each with nine percent, and Toshiba at seven percent. Microsoft has dropped from number two to number six on the list at six percent.

Source: AdDuplex blog | Image via AdDuplex

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NeoPogo said,
Yea Enron, and it is going to eat up all the Win-Tablet marketshare!

You're the biggest contradiction on this website, you own Microsoft products but seem to hate Microsoft!!!

I'd like to see more reviews comparing the WinRT options vs comparisons to the other ecosystem devices.

There are what, at least four other Win8RT devices at the same price point as the Surface?

Wow, looks like Office 2013 is already adobted by a lot of people (colorscheme of the graphic). Anyway, not a surprise, right?

iPad is the only iOS tablet, what do you expect. If another tablet ran iOS you thiunk the iPad would be number one? HERE'S a HINT...NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Just like the Mac wasn't number one amongst other options that also ran Mac OS. That is why Jobs on his return to APple, bought out all the contracts of OEM's who made PC's that ran Mac OS.

Fact - if any other OPEM could make a device running iOS, Apple wouldnt sell more than 5M iPhone in a single year, I guarantee it. Example, imagine the Galaxy S or Note II running iOS instead of Android with all the same software features vs an iPhone from Apple as it is now.

Apple doesnt want to be force to innovate because they simply can't. How is it in 7 years the iPhone and iPad and iPod Touch have remained basically unchanged? Yet Samsung and other phone makers can make distinct flagship models year after year?

NeoPogo said,
TechieXP, Your logic is flawed Lemming!

How is it flawed, if only one tablet runs iOS then of course it's going to be the most popular iOS tablet!!!

Since I don't get a button that says 'report a problem' in the mobile version of neowin, I'll have to point out the glaring spelling mistakes in the company name in this article and title...

so lets take into consideration the 40 million windows 8 licenses sold.

%6 of 40 million is 2.4 million

for haha's, lets use %6 of 20 million. That still equates to 1.2 million.

That's only for the first month of release and with very limited distribution.

Highly impressive.

Yes it is impressive for a completely new product and OS, I think the surface is doing just fine. Its a very good tablet and RT is also very smooth and fast.

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