Surface RT to be available in UK John Lewis stores Friday

Microsoft began selling the Windows RT version of its Surface tablet via other retailers in the US on Wednesday (Staples and Best Buy, specifically), Today, word got out that the UK will be able to walk in some retail stores and buy a Surface tablet for the first time beginning tomorrow. reports that, according to a statement from John Lewis, it will become, " ... the first high street retailer in the UK to offer the Microsoft Surface". The retailer's website will take orders for the tablet starting on Friday, and it will begin to appear in John Lewis retail stores over this coming weekend.

The price for the 32 GB version with the Black Touch Keyboard will be £479 while the 64 GB tablet with Black Touch Keyboard will have a price of £559. Both versions will also come with a free two year guarantee. It looks like John Lewis won't be selling a stand alone Surface tablet without the touch cover.

The retailer also commented on sales of Windows 8-based PCs since its launch in late October, stating, "Demand for Windows 8 computers has been phenomenal with touch screen models leading the way." That's good news for Microsoft and a sign that demand for the Surface tablet itself might be high in the UK.

Source: | Image via Microsoft

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This is why John Lewis are doing really well in sales at the moment + Their 4 year warranty on most electronics is brilliant

If anyone in Australia is interested to know, apparently Harvey Norman were selling them as of Friday, and JB HIFI are also going to stock them, but I don't know if they started selling them yesterday or not.

Anyone who works in the John Lewis/Waitrose partnership will sett this out on a nice deal, but to be fair, why on earth does it have to match the price of the dollar here, could it not jus be converted???

I fail to see what happens when the Windows 8 Pro Tablet comes out, we looking at a 1000 for this?

Extra shipping costs? Does it not all come from China anyway so pretty much same shipping costs to both UK and US. If you do the maths with the exchange and VAT there's still about £100 difference in the price between the two countries and I doubt that CE certification costs that much.

Trihawk7 said,
Let me guess John Lewis are going to sell this £50 more than they should be like everything else they sell...

Well that's untrue. They'll even price match if you find stuff cheaper elsewhere so I don't know where you got that assumption from. Perhaps you're getting confused because they typically sell a lot of high end stuff in their inventory as well?

You also typically get a better warranty deal when buying from JL. I bought my ipad from them instead of Apple and got a two year warranty instead of one.

Edited by Axel, Dec 14 2012, 8:07am :

To be fair, John Lewis is the most likely retailer for it. I would expect them to get it before a place like PC World any day.