Surprises in the Windows 7 license agreement

Over the weekend, many Windows 7 lovers have been busy looking into the wild and Ed Bott, ZDNet blogger, was not an exception. Bott has found some interesting information in the Windows 7 license agreement(EULA).

Bott reports that the EULA ends with an revision ID - EULAID:Win7_B.1_PRO_NRL_en-US which confirms that this leaked build is indeed beta 1. But no one from Microsoft is ready to confirm whether this build is indeed the beta 1 which is going to be released at CES.

Some of the other interesting things to note are:

  • You can install any number copies to test, develop and design your application with Windows 7
  • The license agreement allows installation of Windows 7 within only one virtual machine
  • No benchmarks allowed
  • For the sake of getting feedback, some of the internet-based features are turned on by default. You may switch off these features or not use them

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