Sweden opens diplomatic relations with Second Life

Sweden is hoping to increase the country's profile by establishing an officially sanctioned embassy in the Second Life virtual online world. A digitally created building will be based on Sweden's actual embassy in Washington and run by Swedish Institute staff. Embassy staff will be on call to discuss tourist information, visa conditions, cultural issues and the country's history. Either Second Life is becoming more popular than the average person believes and more countries will follow Sweden's lead, or the Swedes are a little too desperate to make their country known.

"We are constantly trying to reach new groups of people with information about Sweden. This is a very simple and cheap way to reach a large group of younger, educated people who are flooded with information," said Olle Wästberg, director of the Swedish Institute.

News source: vnunet

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I always had high respect of Sweden, but with this desperate act, they really made an ass out of themselves x)
This Second Life garbage is freaking me out more and more.


My brother-outta-law and his friends all suddenly made SL characters as soon as they found out about it.

Now they fly around on cockbikes and have wings and swords sticking out of them and all that stuff.

Second Life is crazy.

A virtual world. Read: if you have no life, you can probably create one here.

People actually "create" things in SL that other people pay real $$ for. You can pay $$ for virtual land. It's pretty bizarre IMHO.

I have been in Second Life for almost two years now creating and making money and even having a lot of fun there. I am glad to see more places actually catching on and making use of the openness and flexibility SL gives you to make the place as you need or want.

First we have companies moving in, now we have countries lol.