SwiftKey keyboard for Android is now free alongside new update

The hugely popular third-party Android keyboard, SwiftKey, is available from Google Play for absolutely nothing as of today. It is worth noting that the announcement does not spell the end of development and "more content is coming soon".

The app has been updated to include access to a new 'SwiftKey Store' which makes it easy to find and install new themes to personalize your keyboard with. Currently, there are over 30 free and paid themes in the store but it will be "regularly refreshed" with new ones.

Additionally, there is a new 'emoji prediction' feature, which anticipates your emoji needs as you type, from a selection of over 800 options. You can now also add the row of number keys to the keyboard permanently, so that you do not have to switch views to access them. New language support has been added too, bringing the total to 66. 

The update comes after Apple revealed at WWDC that iOS 8 will include support for third-party keyboards, just as Android already does. SwiftKey confirmed to The Guardian today that it is already working on a keyboard for iOS 8.

In order to appease customers who have already bought the app, existing SwiftKey users can download a pack of 10 premium themes worth $4.99, free of charge. New themes, including both free and paid options, will be added to the company's store in future updates.

The app is available now as a free download from the Play Store.

Source and image: SwiftKey

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Sadly, the new themes are all horrible to say the least. The included 10 for previous paid customers are worthless IMHO. After all this time, I wanted a flat theme with dark, gray and light variants to be the defaults but they haven't made one that looks good to me.

Another thing I would like to have is an option to not insert a space after an auto corrected word is inserted . Spaces could be only set to insert themselves when the user selects a suggested word so the typing flow keeps going if the word is what you want. Perhaps in English this happens rarely but in Spanish many times I need to press back two times because I pressed space after typing a word that the keyboard auto corrected.

The numbers and symbols layout is weird and they should have an option for the most popular layout that almost everyone uses.

HTC Sense keyboard is still my favorite keyboard by far. It's design is great and the suggestion and auto corrections are very good too. The Windows Phone one is great two but I jumped out of WP for a while.

I don't really like the 10 premium themes either. The Minimal set of themes might be of interest to you (if you are willing to buy them that is). Also I agree with you on spaces after auto-corrected words. When I tried the Google Keyboard I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't insert spaces.

I looked through all of the themes and only the minimal black interested me but not having key separations looked weird to my taste. I will keep looking for SwiftKey updates on features and options but I won't change from the Sense keyboard in the near term.

Google Keyboard is good but not having symbols on top of the letters is a downer for me at this moment.

deadonthefloor said,
Wasn't it swiftkey that de-throned WP8.1 from fastest keyboard title?

Current typing record is with Fleksy keyboard.

Would not have cared if I didnt get 10 free themes. I bought the app and have used it on my phone for a long time. Well worth the money.

pmbAustin said,
So the emoji thing is just copying Windows Phone 8.1

And now I'm asking myself how they earn revenue if it's free?

Weren't the emoji things first on iOS?

My biggest concern is what does this mean for privacy? I'm imagining they are going to be making money selling off keyboard related data, but they are being very vague on this...

I can't imagine that more people are willing to buy themes for the KB than were willing to pay for the KB in the first place...

Also, I don't understand why us paid users have to sign up for their "cloud" service to get our free themes...

Was way better than stock, it learned the things I say instead of trying to correct slang and commonly used terms, looked decent, and felt more accurate, at least to me.

I paid for it then, and I don't regret the decision. They delivered to me what Android could not, and that was a usable keyboard.

glen8 said,
When I used to own an Android, this was the first app I downloaded. Stock android keyboard was terrible!

While I was no fan of the AOSP keyboard, the newer Google Keyboard that came out last year has been amazing. I no longer use Swype or Swiftkey as a result.

sanctified said,
I assume it's too much to ask that if we paid for this in the past we can have a couple of paid themes for free.

It says that in the article "In order to appease customers who have already bought the app, existing SwiftKey users can download a pack of 10 premium themes worth $4.99, free of charge."

InsaneNutter said,

It says that in the article "In order to appease customers who have already bought the app, existing SwiftKey users can download a pack of 10 premium themes worth $4.99, free of charge."

Serves me for just skimming the text.