Swisscom Nokia Lumia 920 launch postponed?

We discussed a while ago that Swisscom, a major carrier in Switzerland, confirmed they would be launching the Nokia Lumia 920 by mid-November. However things seem to have changed.

Yesterday, the company said on one of their Twitter accounts that the phone would be coming in late-November. According to the carrier has suggested that by late November the phone would be available for ordering while in store purchases would come later, in December.

We're not really sure why the carrier has altered their launch date. It might be that the original estimate was just a guess on their part, and they have received better info now. Another possibility would be that there's just not enough supply for everyone with certain markets getting more attention than others.

In either case the Lumia launch with its postponing and lack of official pricing and availability is taking its toll. Enthusiasm is still high for the new phones but it won't be long until people get fed up with speculation and promises.

Source: Swisscom (Twitter) via:

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GP007 said,
I guess they can't get enough of them sooner. The only reason to delay it would be due to supply limitations.

The only possible reason for a delay is due to supply limitations?

Ha, I don't know why I find this so amusing. There have to be more than a couple of us living in Switzerland here...