Symantec offers free software as amends for antivirus snafu

Five weeks after an errant virus update crippled thousands of Chinese PCs, Symantec Corporation is compensating users by giving them free backup software (Norton Save & Restore 2.0) and extending their subscription to Norton Antivirus (the same software that knocked out their computers) by 12 months. Enterprise users will be offered a free license of Symantec Ghost Solution Suite, an image-based backup and restore program. "Symantec regrets any inconvenience caused to customers by the recent false positive incident affecting simplified Chinese versions of Windows XP and is pleased to offer affected customers a gesture of our goodwill."

Symantec's China syndrome started around 1 a.m. Beijing time on May 18, when it delivered a virus-signature update that Chinese state-controlled media reported as having paralyzed thousands or even millions of PCs running the Simplified Chinese edition of Windows XP Service Pack 2. Symantec, however, estimated "that a maximum of 50,000 PCs were impacted." The company hinted it might compensate users about the same time reports circulated that some enterprise users were demanding up to $130,000 for their troubles. By July 8, users must run a validation process before qualifying for compensation, said Symantec, and urged users to register at the site specially set up to handle the requests.

News source: ComputerWorld

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Free? Nope, sorry. Now maybe if they paid me to use their software I would, well no I still wouldn't use it.

norton its not a good antivirus or software since 2003 after 2004 fiasco i never go back to norton or symantec products, before that i used almost all their security products, i cant trust their bloated useless and resource hog products anymore, and i know most people agree with me in this one

lol...guess now some countries will know how to 'cyber attack' the chinese and shut down their network....just have 'Symantec' roll out an update.....don't you chinese know...that nothing is 'Free'

"...compensate users about the same time reports circulated that some enterprise users were demanding up to $130,000 for their troubles."

I believe using Symantec software requires you to agree to an EULA that forbids you from suing Symantec.

Actually, that wouldn't hold up in court anymore than a waiver or similar document. Legally, you can't sign away your right to sue for negligence, etc. Those documents are just to fool the uneducated, to keep them from taking the step of consulting an attorney. I've always thought such documents were in themselves illegal.

This is the equivalent to a rapist offering to take your child to school every day as a way of saying sorry for raping your sister.

Mmmmm, yeah, "We really screwed things up with our well known crappy antivirus software. In order to make it up to you, we're going to give you a free copy of our crappiest backup software."

Sorry Symantec, but nothing says "I'm sorry" better than cold hard cash.