Syncing problems remain in 'Spartan Assault' despite patch

"Halo: Spartan Assault" touts cross-platform syncing between Windows and Windows Phone copies of the game.

"Halo: Spartan Assault" received a patch late Wednesday for both Windows and Windows Phone devices, though syncing issues between the two platforms remain.

The new "Spartan Assault" patch brings support for the Xbox 360 controller on the Windows version of the game as well as a new series of missions for both platforms. Unspecified bug fixes are also listed in the game's Windows Store listing, though it's unclear if syncing was one of the issues addressed. Currently, some users have complained that progress stops syncing between the two platforms after a period of time. Additionally, users have complained that the update has wiped entire campaign progress.

When reached for comment, a Microsoft spokesman provided the following statement: "There is a known issue with cloud storage in 'Halo: Spartan Assault' for Windows 8 affecting saved files (mobile devices are unaffected). We have a team in place currently working to resolve this issue and will have more to share soon."

Microsoft has touted cross-platform syncing as one of the benefits of developing games for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, though the results have been spotty at best. "Skulls of the Shogun," one of the first games to offer the capability, received complaints from users that games weren't syncing across the two devices.

"Is anyone else having problems syncing their campaign saves across platforms," one user wrote on the game's Facebook page in February. "My phone just won't see the latest saves from my Surface, which is annoying, [to] say the least."

A response from the page's administrator said syncing could be restored by refreshing Windows Phone's Xbox Live app, and a patch was later released to fix some syncing bugs.

Other games have had similar issues, as Neowin users have reported cross-platform syncing for the Windows and Windows Phone game "The Harvest" doesn't accurately transfer progress. A recent review of "Asphalt 7" by Windows Phone Central also cited syncing issues between Windows and Windows Phone versions, noting that progress stops transferring after a period of time, the same issue present in "Spartan Assault."

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Mine got wiped. Hope it's fixed in the next patch as I don't want to do all the challenges over after all the time I've already invested in them.

neo158 said,
Oddly enough I had no syncing issues prior to the update

It seems to be hit or miss -- some people didn't have any issues, but for others the game would stop syncing after a while.

They have a Fix already submitted to Windows Store for the cloud sync issue, so whenever thats live it should restore your gameplay. If not, oh well its a new platform gotta work out the kinks

Well with the advent of all of these cross platform games, this is going to become the new 'issue' that all game developers will have to focus on addressing.

Sony and MS are touting this a big feature that we will see from many developers, so its going to be something to watch at least for the short term as game devs get use to using the cloud more.