T-Mobile discontinues employer discount program

T-Mobile has steadily changed the way that mobile carriers do business as they have introduced industry changing plans, improved service, and advanced handsets. Starting April 1st, in its latest Un-carrier move, T-Mobile is deviating away from offering employer discounts on its service. For those unaware, most if not all of the wireless carriers in the United States, offer some type of discount to corporate, federal, and educational institutions. While this rate can vary depending on your business, branch, or school, this discount can be a huge percentage and advantage in selecting a wireless carrier. 

Unfortunately, T-Mobile will be moving away from this strategy as it is seems John Legere is confident that even without the discounted employer plans, other carriers still cannot match the pricing that T-Mobile has to offer. 

John Legere states:

The old programs were designed to help big carriers close big corporate contracts, with employees as bargaining chips.  We aren’t playing that game anymore.  This change is about simplifying wireless for everyone … including employees of small and large companies alike.

Instead of employers receiving a discount they will now receive a $25 T-Mobile reward card each time they purchase a new device. While it's tough to see how this will benefit current and future subscribers, Legere does close by stating that there are more changes coming. 

Source: T-MobileImage via T-Mobile

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Now wait for Verizon to end theirs. "This is better for the customers!!!!"

Everytime I do something them. "Would you like to change to a more everything plan?"

No! I pay $50 for 5 gigs of data now. I'm not paying $70 for 4.

They're already cheaper without a discount compared to the inferior plan that I have on AT&T, and I have a 25% employer discount with AT&T.

The only thing stopping me from switching is their outlook on phone updates. They have already killed support for the Lumia 810, which is not even two years old yet (launched with WP8) and they therefore blocked the firmware update necessary to get it GDR3.

I just refuse to pay into that kind of a system, which is a shame because I love everything else about them.

There going to get a back slash on this move after getting people to switch to them. People maybe rethinking contracts maybe a good thing so that a company can't up charge feels when they feel like to.