T-Mobile Google Android phone unveiled....a little early

T-Mobile is due to officially unveil their Google Android phone (the G1) later today but the unofficial T-Mobile blog has all the specs and photos of the new device.

According to the site there is one click access to the following Google applications:

Maps (including satellite, traffic and street views)
Google Talk

The dimensions are as follows:

Size–4.6 x 2.16 x 0.63 in
Weight–5.6 ounces
Display–65K color screen, HVGA (480×320)
Talk Time–5 hours
Standby Time–130 hours

The device requires a gmail account to sign in and use, no corporate access email available. GPS is available and a 3.1MP camera onboard. No video capture.

View: The Un-official T-Mobile blog
View: T-Mobile

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Well I like how well it synchronizes with your Google account. I've been trying to get that functionality in Windows Mobile, and the best I could do is with GooSync. It works, but nowhere near as slick as Android.

If T-Mobile had better coverage in my area, I really would consider this phone. Clearly it's designed to be a personal phone and not a business phone (unless your business uses Google Apps). Over time, I expect it to gain more abilities.

Android on Touch HD would be epic. I can't believe they put a brand new OS in this kind of crappy design.

Epic fail! Google should have never jumped in the cell phone market and stuck to writing beta apps. The phone is junk...Time to watch Google's stock drop....

What a disappointment, iPhone looks 100X better than this! And the OS also seems primitive compared to iPhone OS.

People don't forget the huge ass price tag on those HTC units. Who is going to want to buy something like that? I will drive over to your house and slap you back to reality.

This is supposed to launch at $199 with a 2yr ...
http://announcement.t-mobileg1.com/ One hour till Press (10:30 EST)
Also, for those asking about video capture, I'm sure it will be avail ... it's an open platform, so some type of program will be made to enable it ... kinda like they've done to get MMS on the iPhone ...

wow that looks bad!

its about code not design, yea, but if thats really it... maaan... ugly...
reminds me of the old handspring PDAs...

we better wait for tonight, though...