T-Mobile HTC Windows Phone 8X now getting "Portico" update

On Wednesday, AT&T customers who own the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 smartphones were the first in the US to get the "Portico" firmware update for Windows Phone 8. Today, T-Mobile's HTC Windows Phone 8X customers join them in receiving the firmware update from Microsoft.

WPCentral.com reports that the update was supposed to be made available on Wednesday, but T-Mobile delayed the release to fix some last-minute issues. As we reported earlier this week, this update has a number of new messaging improvements, along with a way to have your favorite WiFi connections up front based on the connection history of the device.

The update also allows for Internet Explorer to be set up so it can stop the automatic download of images along with the ability to delete specific websites from the browser's history. Finally, there have been some new bug fixes and stability improvements.

There's still no word on when the "Portico" update will be released for the Verizon and AT&T versions of the HTC Windows Phone 8X. There's also no information on when T-Mobile's Nokia Lumia 810 or Verizon's Nokia Lumia 822 will receive the same update. Hopefully the rest of the Windows Phone 8 family will be able to get this software upgrade in the very near future.

Source: WPCentral.com | Image via T-Mobile

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Came out for the Lumia 920 Yesterday, I don't know if its matter to the x8 but this is what is fixed for me:

Fixed my music Bluetooth issues, reported by 1 person that car Bluetooth sounds a little better, didn't even ask me he just told me after our chat. My LTE is on and I have 70 percent battery after a full day of work, normally it's dead by 1pm. Seems faster when going to the home screen and a few features got added which are kinda nice. No Reboots yet.. (cross fingers, toes and eyes)

Edited by kingofthecarts, Dec 21 2012, 12:05am :

there a few settings in display+touch and phone. They now show the audio settings (equalizer) when you don't have your headphones plugged in. Battery saver has advanced now (I miss that from before? Wifi priority stuff.

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