T-Mobile to allow Wi-Fi calls

Rumor has it that T-Mobile is prepping the nationwide launch of a Wi-Fi service that would let customers use the technology to make voice calls with their cell phones. Hotspot at Home, which is currently in trials in Seattle, would expand on the carrier's current Wi-Fi network of 8,000 Internt access hotstops. T-Mobile declined to comment on the rumors, which probably means the America's fourth-largest carrier has something up its sleeve.

According to reports, when a caller approaches a hotspot while on the phone, his or her call will transfer automatically to Wi-Fi from the carrier's regular network. The change is supposed to be instantaneous with no noticeable change to the caller. Of course, customers will need a dualmode Wi-Fi/cellular handset like the Samsung SGH-T709. Though the T709 had its debut last year with T-Mobile branding, we haven't seen any further sign of the phone in months.

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You can already do this to a certain degree on 3 with a compatible phone. ( x-seies)

I have a nokia E65 with wifi built in. It has skype installed which i can use either on the 3G network or a wifi network.

also if you install "Fring" an IM client, it has voice support so i can be logged into msn all day long on my mobile for free and also make actual voice calls to the MSN and/or skype users through it for no data charge cost.

It doesnt switch automatically from 3g>wifi though, you select which acess point you want to use when launching the program.

Agreed, and that is the #1 reason I'm not in support of cell via wifi.

Very rarely am I around a T-Mobile hotspot for long so if they added it and it only worked with their hotspots it wouldn't be that useful to me. If they allow it to use any WiFi network than I wonder why they aren't sharing those gains with us (the customer)? Afterall, I do have to pay for the bandwidth the phone would be using! Kinda nasty to only get a benefit of an additional $20/m charge!!